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Hey! I'm Amit.

I started investing in Palantir around April 2021 - and since then have truly become passionate for understanding this company. It is very difficult to find a company to invest in that has growth potential, is in the early life-cycle's of it's ability to innovate, and is actually changing the world. While I enjoy covering the entire market on my YouTube channel, I started dailypalantir so that I could consistently broadcast my thoughts and analysis on my heaviest and most consolidated position within my portfolio. I hope you find my analysis valuable around the company.  

If you'd like to send information around the company, ask any questions, or contribute to write a guest article for the website - please contact me at 

If you'd like to support the efforts of creating this website and content - you can subscribe to my patreon below. It's $5 a month, or $60 a year, and it helps allow me to create content consistently around palantir. You will also get access to a discord with many other awesome investors exchanging ideas all day.

Thanks for stopping by and looking forward to hearing from anyone who may reach out!


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