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A Palantir Investor Captured All The Partners They Work With

Kameron, who goes buy TheKameroon on twitter, has been tracking the clients/partners Palantir has been working with for the past year. He's a shareholder who is long and yes, very bullish.

In the picture above, you will see a variety of different elements:

- Palantir SPAC partners

- Palantir Foundry for Builders cohorts

- Palantir Clients

- Palantir strategetic partners

- Palantir government partners

The other element of pictures are what are referred to as "Palantir assumed clients".

These are clients that are not confirmed, but have shown up in more than one spot like job descriptions, Linkedin posts, etc. that could reasonably be assumed to be working with Palantir.

Given the company can't officially confirm those, that is where the deep DD comes in from the community. I'd suggest following Kam as he updates new job descriptions and Linkedin posts he finds almost daily that mention companies working with or looking for people who understand Palantir.

Take a look at the photos below:

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