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Bad Times Are When Palantir Shines

“The power of Advanced algorithmic Warfare systems is now so great that it equates to having tactical nuclear weapons against an adversary with only conventional ones,”

A quote directly from Alex Karp, CEO of Palantir.

“The general public tends to underestimate this. Our adversaries no longer do.”

The senior Ukrainian officer in the Kyiv demonstration says “For us it's a matter of survival,”

“Our goal is to maximize target acquisitions”

“Lesya, the other officer, was also a computer specialist in peacetime. As she looks at the imagery of the Russian Invaders on a day when the drones are savaging civilian Targets in Odessa and Ukraine southern coast she mutters a wish for revenge and I hope that Ukraine will emerge from the war as a tech power although the ukrainians now depend on technology to help from America she says ‘by the end of the war we will be selling software to Palantir’”

These are Segments from an opinion based article written in the Washington post by David Ignatius. The article is really well written, and confirms without a shadow of doubt what many of us believed. Palantir is the key for Ukraine to have been this successful in the attack on sovereignty they are experiencing.

Think of that, how aspirational is it that a computer scientist in Ukraine, that is depending on technology from Palantir, is so inspired by the technology that is allowing them to actually have a fighting chance against this Behemoth of Russia that she feels one day Ukraine's not going to be in this position. One day Ukraine is going to come back from this. She is dead set on not letting themselves become so technologically disadvantaged to be taken over by another nation. That they aren't even able to protect their own sovereignty with their own software.

That is what is Illuminating my mind a bit more to what Palantir is doing. The ability to protect a nation's sovereignty, one of the most important concepts of a nation in the first place, is that you have the ability to have your own independence. It is what has created the biggest conflicts in the world: China/Taiwan, Israel/Palestine. Something that is being saved in a sense by Palantir as a nation gets invaded.

Advanced algorithmic Warfare against your adversaries that have higher tactical nuclear weapons almost levels the playing ground if you don't have those nuclear weapons which Ukraine doesn't.

Why does this level the playing Ground?

Because the tech is that good!

That's it, that's the argument, it's not Snowflake it's not Data Bricks it's not Data Dogs (all Palantir Competitors) it's the tech from Palantir giving Ukraine the software capabilities of a tactical nuclear weapon.

A revolution in Warfare, in which a software platform allows US allies to use the ubiquitous unstoppable sensors that surround every potential battlefield to truly create a lethal kill chain.

This is where it gets somewhat controversial. Part of the reason why Palantir gets such a bad connotation from people. Palantir makes money off of war and conflict. Palantir is making money off of making them less deadly.

When someone says Palantir shareholders buy defense contracts because you want war, that person is an idiot. No one wants war, no one wants to see people die, the problem is that a lot of these times war is inevitable.

It doesn't matter if we want war or if I don't want war. What matters is does Putin think that he can invade Ukraine and take it over. The problem with the history we've seen over time is that dictators have an abnormal sense of narcissism.

Dictators feel they can do these horrible things to people in the name of their own good, in the name of their own nation, in the name of their own country.

These things are embedded within the human nature of our society, and it's been proven time and time again.

So it's not a question of if you want war or not, it's a question of; is it happening and do you have an effective response.

No one wanted a pandemic, but Palantir had the vaccine distribution capabilities to actually make sure that the people who wanted a vaccine got the vaccine. Because they were able to respond to something that was inevitable.

Bad times happen, terrible things happen, Palantir makes money off of making these bad things less impactful.

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