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BREAKING: Is Tesla Using Palantir's Foundry?

This story is breaking and currently in development, here's the details we have below:

Twitter users Either_Square and TheKameroon have consistently been looking for companies that may potentially be using Palantir's foundry software.

Their methodology for figuring this out is by going to datasets and looking at the subdomains associated with them. They then try to match how the subdomains match with potential Palantir clients and see if there is working foundry link.

More often than not, the link will return nothing which means it does not exist. Either_Square was one of the first people to use various different countries during March to figure out that Lithuania, the UK, and more governments were using Palantir to aid in the Ukrainian refugee crisis via the exact methodology I described above.

He ended up being correct, as per this article.

Well, a discord user (can access the Palantir discord here) by the name of Django found a Tesla dedicated foundry link:

Many have tried using this basic link for months and have had no success with the link working or leading to a login page - until today.

Now, this doesn't guarantee Tesla is working with Palantir. The "tesla" within the URL may just be a codename, as Either warned, for another company using that surname. However, that just seems unlikely given companies like Pfizer, United Airlines, and more have all used their real names when creating a portal for thousands of employees in the company to access the foundry software that the company is using. There would be no real use case for using a fake name.

Either has unleashed an entire list of names he has found in this link here, many of which have come to be Palantir clients after he discovered their links.

Why Tesla and Palantir Would Work Together

Tesla is one of the most innovative companies in the world. Palantir, I would argue, is also up there in terms of innovation. Just today, Palantir was named as one of the leading companies within ML/AI.

I argued here why Tesla and Palantir were so similar, but one could imagine Tesla's entire logistics, supply chains, etc. being managed through a state of the art data-analytics platform like Palantir's foundry. While Tesla specializes in artificial intelligence data (data is the new oil in today's age) to create autonomous vehicles, Palantir provides the "shovels," to dig for and manage that oil. Tesla is a company that is judged on this strength of it's data, while Palantir is judged on the strength of their software to interpret and make sense of any company's existing data.

Tesla is a data company that has it's own AI, Palantir is an AI-enablement company that helps drive business intelligence in order to optimize and rapidly accelerate business performance. Palantir could help Tesla in a variety of ways outside of just providing a data analytics platform for supply chains - the optimization of their AI within self driving could be accentuated by Palantir's Foundry.

Again, this is speculation - but one could argue that both could work together in some type of way that could be productive and mutually beneficial given how innovative each other's individual products are. The cohesion between both seems like a match made in heaven with few reasons for why it wouldn't work outside of both companies just not being able to agree on a deal.

This story is developing and I will continue to publish as we receive new updates. Let's see what happens!

Here's a video describing their similarities:

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