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BREAKING: Palantir Announces Global Enterprise Deal with Stellantis

Palantir today announced a global enterprise partnership with Stellantis, previously known as Chrysler Fiat. Stellantis has over 15 car brands underneath it's portfolio and does over 150B euros of revenue per year.

This comes one day after Palantir announced their global partnership with Trafigura, one of the world's leading independent commodity trading and logistics houses.

From the press release,

This agreement will expand Palantir’s previous relationships with Stellantis’ founding companies to a global, enterprise-wide license across the company’s vast ecosystem and 14 iconic automotive brands, with Palantir Foundry powering decisions across markets and functions at what became in 2021 a world leader for a new era of sustainable mobility. Palantir Foundry is designed to transform the way organizations operate by creating a central operating system for their data, integrating siloed data sources into a common operating picture. Beyond scaling best practices across the merged group, Stellantis will leverage Foundry to build a unified digital twin of its operations and accelerate company-wide synergies.

Foundry will also be used across a variety of functions designed to help improve quality, ensure continued delivery and service in today’s supply-driven world, and contribute to improve margins. For example, the ability to analyze billions of connected vehicle data points through Foundry will give Stellantis the tooling to foresee quality issues and leverage intelligence about the state of vehicles for research and development. Foundry will also help increase Stellantis’ insight into parts availability and shift its tooling to meet the needs of customers in a supply-driven world. It will also help deliver key sales and marketing insights, leading to a better understanding of profitability drivers and customer trends.

What This Means for Palantir

Stellantis is a really, really big company. For their entire enterprise to be using Palantir is an incredible feat - primarily because of how many different moving parts they will have integrated throughout all of the subsidiaries that exist within the corporation to leverage Foundry.

In my opinion, this is another stepping stone for Palantir to set the precedent that t can be an industry standard for business intelligence. If this works out well for Stellantis, which it likely will since Palantir has been working with them since 2018, then the opportunity for other major car giants to see Palantir's software as a must have may exist in the future.

“We are grateful for the confidence of Stellantis that led to the expansion of our collaboration across their enterprise,” said Palantir executive Josh Harris. “In today’s data-driven world, the Foundry operating system is uniquely positioned to offer insight into critical operational and manufacturing functions.”

Palantir is already the modern operating system for airlines. It is trying to become the operating system for shipyards. It is also trying to become the premier data-driven approach to reducing carbon emissions.

The automotive industry has always been on the table, especially due to their investments in SPACs like WEJO and Tritium that work with connected vehicle data for electric vehicles and charging stations.

Another day, another use case for their software...

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