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BREAKING: Palantir Extends Partnership To Clean Up The Trash

Palantir has entered into a strategetic partnership with a company they invested in, Rubicon.

I covered the company 5 months ago, referring to them as a digital recycling ban given their data driven approach to waste management.

From the PR,

"As part of the agreement, the two organizations will also develop a joint go-to-market strategy for the commercialization of new Rubicon subscription data products and supporting workflows.

The new partnership with Rubicon is supported by Palantir’s Foundry operating system, a fully managed, modular SaaS offering that includes data integration, flexible analytics, visualization, model-building, operational decision-making, and decision capture."

Rubicon is an interesting company primarily because of how they use software to optimize the waste an organization has. Palantir's Foundry is a natural fit for collaboration with Rubicon since both companies handle vast amounts of data and attempt to make sense of it produce efficient client results.

The CEO of Rubicon explains the importance of data:

“Data has been at the center of the Rubicon story since our company’s founding, and the application of data to business processes is what has enabled us to consistently drive environmental innovation in the waste and recycling category,” said Nate Morris, Chairman and CEO of Rubicon. “We are thrilled to announce this new partnership with Palantir, and we believe that it will take our data capabilities to the next level, enabling our customers and hauler partners to optimize their waste and recycling operations, save money, grow their businesses, and execute on their sustainability goals.”

COO Shyam Sanker explained,

“Like Palantir, Rubicon is a company that truly understands the power of data in its ability to transform industries from the ground up, and both organizations believe firmly in the importance of sustainability as a key enterprise performance metric,” said Shyam Sankar, Chief Operating Officer at Palantir. “We are excited to enable Rubicon to expand and enhance their data operating system on Foundry.”

According to the Press Release, the scope of the new partnership with Palantir encompasses both internal and external deliverables, including:

  • The development of new data collection and analysis tools

  • Provision of greater insight into waste, recycling, and sustainability performance for Rubicon’s corporate customers, smart city partners, and hauler network

  • Further optimization of customer and hauler service levels

  • A joint go-to-market effort to commercialize advanced analytics capabilities

Here's my coverage on Rubicon from 5 months ago:

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