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BREAKING: Palantir Launches New Partnership To Secure Government Deals

Today Palantir announced a new strategetic alliance with Guidehouse. Guidehouse is a strategy consulting firm that works with thousands of clients across the globe, 50% of them being in the private sector while the other half are in the public sector.

From their website,

The goal of the partnership is for Guidehouse to integrate Palantir's software into how they help clients manage data solutions, particularly in the public sector.

From the PR,

'Under the agreement, Guidehouse will architect solutions across its public sector customer base by building on Palantir's Foundry platform to accelerate business processes, rapid image product delivery, AI model training, and enterprise-wide data integration. The Palantir Foundry enables data-driven decision making and operations by acting as the central operating system for enterprise-wide data, while also providing rigorous access controls and governance within an intuitive end user interface.

"The Guidehouse-Palantir partnership is a powerful combination," said Ed Meehan, Partner and Guidehouse Defense Segment Leader. "Palantir's extensive track record in solving complex challenges coupled with our deep mission understanding and robust digital expertise will enable clients to accelerate their digital transformation journeys."

Why I Like This

Palantir has been making a number of collaborations with consulting firms over the past 6 months. They partnered with Jacobs, an engineering consulting firm & Accenture, a global consulting firm, within the past 2 months.

The goal of these alliances is to make sure more clients have the ability to discover a platform like Foundry to manage their data problems. Consulting firms get paid base don offering the best advice. If they offer good advice, they prove their value.

This means they are constantly looking for external partners that they can recommend to their clients, especially now that data problems make up a huge portion of an organization's ability to compete. Palantir is a first in class business solution to data analytics that consulting firms are happy to recommend because they know Palantir can get the job done.

The consulting firm gets to create a meaningful solution for the client and Palantir...gets new business.

From the PR,

"This strategic alliance brings together deep skills in business and technology strategy, product ideation, technology development and deployment, and organizational change management to help support clients make better and more impactful business decisions," added John Hunt, Partner at Guidehouse and leader of the Advanced Solutions segment.

"With deep functional knowledge in data science and data engineering, Guidehouse is a valuable partner as we extend our support for the U.S. Government," said Lauren Penneys, Head of USG Growth at Palantir. "Together, we will be able to provide robust offerings to solve data challenges for a variety of missions and place our clients on the best path for success."

Guidehouse can guide them to more clients

Palantir is not a consulting firm, as I address here. A company with gross margins that sells software usually tends to not be in the consulting business.

However, the benefit to a consulting firm is the reach they have. This partnership, along with many others, is a multi-channel sales distribution play for Palantir. Just recently, we saw they launched an official partnership with Google Cloud so that clients using GCP could operationalize their work flows right on top of Google.

Now, the thousands of clients that use Google actually have the ability to be exposed to Palantir and what their software can do for their business.

The goal of these partnerships with consulting firms should be to leverage the relationships the consulting firms have with enterprise clients and connect them to the value Palantir can bring. For a company with a relatively small salesforce (they had less than 25 people last year doing sales), they need these types of partnerships to expose them to new sectors of growth.

This partnership in particular, because Guidehouse focuses heavily on public clients, is also interesting because we know how special Palantir's software is when working with the government. If Guidehouse can provide them even more clients in the government space, especially the US government, Palantir again has the opportunity to get sticky clients from government agencies with revenue that is less likely to go away even as the economy becomes worse from a macro perspective.

Let's see where this partnership goes, but the idea to partner with consulting firms is a solid strategy to gain exposure to new potential clients.

You can see me speak about this deal here:

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