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BREAKING: Palantir Moves Security Operations to the UK amid Cyber Attack Fears

Today it was reported that Palantir is moving it's operations outside of the US to the UK in order to protect against cyber security warnings.

The original article reports,

"Fears of a Russian cyber attack has forced the firm behind the NHS’s vaccine rollout to move permanently to Britain.

Palantir is taking its security operations away from the United States to the United Kingdom, amid concerns about the Kremlin launching an attack on cables laid under the Atlantic Ocean, according to the Telegraph.

The firm, which works with the Ministry of Defence and helped to develop the NHS covid data system to to track the virus’s spread, is believed be the biggest company of its kind to set up a base in the UK."

There's a couple of key points here to take away from this:

First, Palantir's ability to understand threats and warnings coming from multiple angles is what allows them to be a trusted partner when managing data for various governments. It is also why they are one of a handful of organizations that has IL-5 clearance with the Department of Defense. If they believe cyber attacks could happen from the Kremlin - they are likely taking those seriously given their ability to predict using patterns within trends of data.

Second, Karp's recent monologue about Palantir being a company that is prepared for a chaotic world continues to get reinforced. He recently warned that nuclear war threats are higher than they have ever been and shortly after heads of intelligence in the US government came out with reports that Putin could use nuclear weapons if he feels Russia's sovereignty is threatened as a result of the Ukraine war.

Finally, this is great for Palantir and their relationship with the UK. We already know they are in the running to land a massive contract from the UK's NHS, they have been working with the UK on their Ukrainian refugee crisis, and now they get to set up a larger operation in the country and further establish themselves as one of the major data analytics/security companies operating in the region.

I would argue that their relationship with the UK government is becoming similar to their relationship with the US government, even though they have only been working with the UK aggressively since 2020 when they were called in to help with the Pandemic. There's a lot of work they need to do to secure more of UK governmental agencies to stick with them, but this is a great sign going forward.

Over the next few quarters, we will see how the increased relationship with the UK government begins to manifest into business growth.

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