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BREAKING: Palantir Recognized As A Top Performer In Industry BI Report

There are some lists you just want to be on. Why? Well, it matters to be on certain lists.

For example, if there was a list of "Best Palantir Blogs" on the internet, I would want Daily Palantir to be on that list. To be honest, we would likely be the only blog on that list as of now.

So, if there is a ranking system that is highly respected in a certain niche, you want to be recognized in that system because it can lead to sales, inbound requests, general positive perception, and better positioning against competitors.

Today, Palantir was recognized as one of the top Business Intelligence companies in the Dresner Market Report, one of the most highly respected research firms analyzing the data analytics and BI industry.

From the PR:

“In its first year of coverage, Palantir is generally above the overall sample for all categories of measurement, and is an overall leader in both Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility models,” said Howard Dresner, founder and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory. “In addition, it is best in class for product scalability and consulting professionalism and has a perfect recommend score. We congratulate Palantir on their excellent performance in our annual analytics and BI Market assessment.”

The report provides a comprehensive, real-world perspective on the market, including analyses of adoption and deployment, data leadership, organization budgets, data literacy, drivers of success, objectives and achievements, software penetration, and technology/initiative priorities, as well as industry analyses.

Dresner Advisory Services and this data-driven study are unique in that they survey and report on end users’ assessments. In this instance, Palantir customers from the US and EMEA across industries, including financials, utilities, logistics, government, and more, completed Dresner’s end user-only survey. All of them ranked Palantir with a “perfect 5” recommend score."

What interested me the most about this report was that it was not just a select committee of people trying to analyze and give Palantir a good or bad rating, it was crowdsourced through the customers that had actually engaged with the product.

All of them gave Palantir a perfect 5/5 score along with saying they would recommend the product to others. That's where these ranking systems become important - if they can amalgamate data across various customers and be able to provide a comprehensive explanation around a product's value, the company can then use that report as a legitimate form of validation to go out and get more customers by marketing the report.

It's not some random blog claiming Palantir has a first in class business intelligence product.

We have always built software we thought had to exist for the world that was coming. This rating is particularly meaningful since it is based on the voice of our customers and their frontline users,” said Palantir COO Shyam Sankar.

Here's the full 2022 report to access. I did a video speaking about this here.

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