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BREAKING: Palantir Releases It's Newest Product

Palantir has released the newest version of its government defense product, Gotham, called Europa.

Europa is an exciting new version of Gotham and it seems like Palantir will be looking to actively penetrate the European markets with this version of Gotham, given many of the quotes on the product launch page are from European officials.

Europa, or Jupiter II, is the smallest of the four Galilean moons orbiting Jupiter, and the sixth-closest to the planet of all the 80 known moons of Jupiter. It is also the sixth-largest moon in the Solar System. Palantir is known to have interesting names for their products, but it makes sense they chose the name Europa given they will be trying to sell to European governments.

From the product launch page,

"Intelligence and law enforcement agencies around the world have relied on Palantir to power their most critical work while safeguarding their most sensitive data.

Europa represents the most significant upgrade ever to the software that makes this possible.

Palantir has always been infrastructure-agnostic, as our work requires meeting our customers wherever they are in the world. Europa brings new capabilities to allow customers granular control over their infrastructure and data sovereignty.

Organisations can adopt hybrid hosting solutions and plug in preferred local AI vendors at the place where each vendor can deliver the most value."

The functionality in Palantir's Europa release has changed how my organisation fights crime. In addition to protecting data better, we are able to incorporate digital forensics into our workflows in ways that we could only imagine just a few years ago.

↳ European Law Enforcement Official

The security and data integrations features in Palantir's Europa release have allowed us to work with data that we simply could not work with before. This work has become some of our most important and operationally relevant work in the world today--and it would not be happening without Palantir.

↳ Director General, European Intelligence Agency

New Features for Gotham

From the launch page:

Secure collaboration made simple

Europa continues to define how analysts and operators work together on even the most sensitive, regulated data and workflows. The Gotham workspace has been re-designed from the foundation to maximize both security and speed of discovery. Building off of our success with Dossier, Chat and Slides are brand new Europa features that streamline live, secure, synchronous collaboration, using real time information and Gotham artifacts.

Machine learning capabilities for every type of data

Deploy machine learning models at scale to detect object and event matches across varying sensor data types, satellite imagery, audio, text, and full-motion video. Analyse thousands of hours of material in a matter of minutes to detect object and event matches. The Europa ecosystem makes it simple to integrate 3rd party AI/ML models, so that agencies can choose the models that best suit their needs.

State of the art full-motion video capabilities

Europa's video capabilities layer integrated intelligence from Gotham and AI detection models directly into live video streams, allowing users to leverage video to support decisions in ways that have previously been impossible. This capability is backed by Geotime, Europa's new high-scale spatiotemporal data system.

Audio capabilities, powered by AI

Analysts can review thousands of audio clips right within Europa with the new machine learning-powered audio module. Audio can be transcribed, translated, and entities can be extracted.

Why This New Version of Gotham?

Palantir estimates their government TAM (total addressable market) to be around $60B. In order to achieve this over time, they will need to be able to sell a variety of options around Gotham into government agencies - specifically into Europe.

Palantir has a lot of room to grow in the United States government, but they have barely touched the surface in Europe. With their intense focus on data privacy and ethics, they are a prime candidate to be ideologically aligned with the governments in Europe.

Europe launched some of the most comprehensive data protection regulations 4 years ago called GDPR. As a result, traditional tech companies have had an adversarial relationship with many European governments.

Various European nations have even threatened to ban Facebook from their countries unless they get their act together around consumer protection for data. Palantir will never have these problems. Outside of the public perception from those that are ignorant to what the company actually does, they will never have European governments questioning if they believe in data sovereignty.

The very concept of data ethics and privacy was built into Palantir's DNA when they began building the initial versions of Gotham back in 2003. As a result very few companies have the technology and brand that Palantir has to meaningfully penetrate the European markets and capture a sizeable amount of the TAM they believe exists.

With more product features and innovations, Palantir is in one of the best positions a company can be in to set themselves up to capture the next decade of software defense spending from European governments. Now it's there time to go to Europa, or at least some version of the moon.

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