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Bullish on AI: Bank of America Raises Price Target on Palantir

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Bank of America Increases Price Target to $18

Bank of America, one of the top banking institutions in the world monitoring Palantir, a leading player in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector, has recently revised its price target for the tech giant from $13 to $18.

The change, though a significant uptick, comes as no surprise as Mariana Perez Mora, Bank of America's Vice President of Equity Research, has been keeping tabs on Palantir for about two to three years.

Throughout this period, Mariana has issued numerous price targets on the company, fluctuating between increases, decreases, holds, buys, and neutrals. Interestingly, her previous price target of $13 was well above the expectations of many other analysts.

Increased Confidence in Palantir's Growth Potential

The fresh price target from Bank of America implies a valuation of nearly $40 billion for Palantir. What makes this interesting is that the growth rates projected for the company remain steady. CEO Alex Karp and his team haven't issued any new guidance that might suggest a substantial surge in growth. It implies that Bank of America has tremendous confidence in Palantir's future growth prospects and the company's ability to cash in on the booming AI opportunity.

Moving our attention to the recent developments in AI and its impact on market valuations, it becomes evident why Bank of America analysts - and likely others - are coming out with updated price targets for Palantir. Jeffries, another financial services company, also raised its price target from $10 to $14 for Palantir last Friday.

Following these announcements, Palantir's stock, previously around $15.02, saw a notable spike. It briefly touched $16 before settling around $15.72, signifying that the market is taking these bullish sentiments seriously.

Palantir's Competitive Edge in the Booming AI Market

Bank of America's analysts believe Palantir is well-positioned to ride the wave of increasing interest in generative AI. In their latest note, they highlight the significant compliance, regulatory, ethical, legal, privacy, data security, and accountability oversight requirements companies venturing into AI must contend with.

Palantir's experience working with government bodies and highly regulated industries, coupled with its ready-to-deploy architectural design supporting generative AI in a compliant and private world, they argue, gives the company a substantial competitive edge.

Palantir's success, interestingly, aligns with Alex Karp's repeated assertion. He's been emphasizing that the implementation of AI within an organization necessitates addressing these regulatory, ethical, and privacy issues. Given the colossal potential of AI, Palantir's strengths in this regard aren't merely beneficial but absolutely critical.

Furthermore, Palantir's track record of working with the government — including having the highest level of security clearance — demonstrates its capacity to handle confidential data at an unparalleled scale. This capability, analysts argue, could be a significant advantage as Palantir expands into the enterprise sector.

As Bank of America notes, Palantir is gearing up to be one of the dominant providers in generative AI, offering a near-term, agnostic solution that aligns with stringent security, data privacy, and regulatory requirements. Their platform's ability to work seamlessly with any cloud computing platform — whether it's AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google GCP — and provide superior data analytics services sets them apart in the market.

For companies seeking to leverage AI in a compliant and regulated world, all roads lead to Palantir. Given the recent launch of their AI initiative, Palantir's CEO Alex Karp announced that the company has received more inbound interest in the past few weeks than in all of the previous year. Given these factors, it's clear why leading analysts are increasingly bullish on Palantir.

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