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Daily Palantir Is Embracing Audio

For those who know me, you know I am passionate about Palantir. I launched back in March 2022 to build the strongest place on the internet to find Palantir related news, updates, and analysis.

However, since October 2020, I've also been working on my own startup. Today I'd like to introduce that startup, while also explaining how you could use the product if you enjoy Palantir content.

The Gap In The Market

I see a massive gap in the audio market when it comes to being able to find and discover audio content in a seamless way. Most of the audio apps are filled with music or podcasts from large media companies, so average content creators speaking on niche topics have a harder time finding an audience.

One of the ways I was able to grow my brand online was by creating Palantir content on YouTube. YouTube is a discovery engine for video, so it actually had an algorithm that was curating my content in a meaningful way to get people to find out about who I was.

How did this happen? Well, YouTube quite literally took the thumbnails and titles of my videos (the same things you click on before you enter into an article on this website) and showed them to millions of people. As a result, people in the world got to discover me because I actually showed up in their feed. I didn't pay any money to YouTube, their algorithm just showed me to more people over time.

Below are the analytics from one of my best performing videos. As you can see, YouTube showed my video 700K times over the course of 6 months (and continuing) for free.

2.4% of people clicked on that video, which led to 32K people across the world discovering my content. This process of content discovery curated via an algorithm is nothing short of magic.

And it doesn't exist for audio.

Podcasts are distributed via decentralized RSS feeds which destroys the ability for most platforms to actually algorithmically curate audio content the same way YouTube has done for video, Instagram has done for photos, Twitter has done for text/articles, etc.

If this type of platform did exist, then I believe millions of creators would leverage it in order to distribute their audio and find an audience. Currently, the world's podcasters, poets, comedians, TED-talkers, musicians, etc. have no native platform where they can upload a piece of audio content and see that content go viral. YouTube has done this for video, so my vision is for a similar platform to do this for audio.

As a result, I created audea (audio-idea). We have over 2,000 users, people have posted over 10,000 audeas, and people have searched on the platform over 18,000 times.

If you care about Palantir content, you can access daily audio-versions of these articles and more exclusive audio content around Palantir on the app. You can sign up for free and subscribe to the dailypalantir channel here.

You can also download the iOS app here and android here. Would appreciate any feedback anyone has and hope you enjoy the daily palantir audio content!

We are also currently crowdfunding for the platform - we've raised close to $270K out of a $500K round. If anyone is interested in actually investing, you can click here for more info. Please remember startups are incredibly risky and you should be prepared to lose your money if you did make an investment. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

See you in the next audea on Palantir!

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