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Federal & State Police Agencies In Germany Get Access to Palantir Country Wide

Image by Business Insider

According to a Business Insider article, Palantir has signed a new deal with Germany which would allow police agencies across the country to use their software essentially "out of the box."

Analysis from this twitter account covering Palantir:

"$PLTR Germany's Bavarian Criminal Affairs Bureau signed a five-year, $ 26.2 million (euro 5 million annual) contract with Palantír in March. Insider's interview revealed that all federal and state police agencies in Germany will be able to use Palantir's two tools without having to procure them individually

Palantir spokeswoman Jan Hiesserich told Insider that the framework agreement would allow German police agencies to set up their software by simply contacting Palantir, allowing the country to set up its software individually. It saves time by avoiding the lengthy negotiation process when contracting with government agencies.

The Bavarian-Parantia agreement is part of the German Police's national Police 20/20 program, an IT initiative aimed at uniform access to German police digital tools and information, with Palantia in particular. It will be looped into "VeRA" which is a "cross-sectional research and analysis system" for the whole country."

What This Means For Palantir's Europe Expansion

Palantir has not been shy about their willingness to work with governmental agencies across Europe. They have actively been campaigning and lobbying to win and execute new governmental contracts, primarily because they believe their technology is the best software to keep governments safe.

As a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, more governments across Europe have increased their defense spend, including Germany. Palantir winning this contract normalizes their software within the country's defense practices, including police agencies, and allows those agencies to access the tools Palantir offers in a much more sophisticated way.

Long term, the goal would be for every agenices across the public sector to be using Palantir's software in one way or another to become more efficient, productive, and safer in executing their tasks.

Alex Karp, CEO, has deep ties to Germany, as he completed his philosophy PhD there and understands the culture Europe has around data very deeply.

He gave a talk there a couple months ago on Data Ethics:

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