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First Palantir Powered Medical Supply Chain Ecosystem

The first fully Integrated Medical supply chain ecosystem.

Palantir Technologies, the leading builder of operating systems for the modern enterprise, and Concordance Healthcare Solutions, one of the largest independent Healthcare distributors in the US. Recently announced a partnership to create the first fully Integrated Medical supply chain ecosystem. Bringing together inventory and supply chain data from manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and providers into one cohesive real-time system.

From the CEO of Concordance, Lisa Hohman,

“The launch of this ecosystem represents a vision to fundamentally change the medical supply chain at its core, and not just for Concordance, but for manufacturers, Supply chains, suppliers, Distributors and providers across the board. Palantir has proven to be the perfect partner to make this Vision a reality.”

“There is no doubt that Healthcare Providers lacking certain medical supplies and access to the appropriate data to replenish those supplies put patients’ lives at risk, and we are excited to be on a mission to change that. By enhancing the visibility throughout the supply chain for all partners, the ecosystem allows manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors to better prepare for what providers will need versus react to What providers need when it's oftentimes too late”

Basically saying there's a lot of data in a lot of different places around supply chains.

One of the biggest challenges in Healthcare today is within the management of data associated with some critical supply chain workflows. Covid-19 exacerbated these long-term standing issues causing further shortages, back orders, and extreme spikes in demand for certain products.

If we could put all that together into an agnostic point of reference, agnostic meaning it doesn't matter where it's coming from it's just in one place, then that could potentially be powerful.

We know the role Palantir played in the Pandemic, allowing for the proper distribution of vaccines throughout North America. The lack of visibility between Healthcare supply chain partners and their different distributors has only become more apparent as the ongoing stressors of Covid-19 remain.

Palantir is offering all of Healthcare a solution.

NHS Experience

We also saw that Palantir has been doing this with the NHS.

A couple of months ago an article was released stating that they've reduced the backlog for the NHS by about 28%. The NHS does not have private insurance, they have nationalized insurance so the backlog tends to be more extensive.

If that's the case, you need a company that is using software to effectively make, manage, and integrate all of those different points of data to reduce the backlog.

Allowing patients, which are the people that the Healthcare system is supposed to be helping in the first place, be able to get their treatments in a more efficient way.

Hopefully that the NHS deal that's worth about 360 million pounds over five years is going to be going to Palantir. But we'll see when an update comes out.

Why is this super interesting?

Number one, it's a new deal and obviously having a new partnership with a new medical systems provider is really interesting.

The reason I invested in Palantir was not because of the governmental Revenue, although you know we've gotten 712 million dollars of confirmed governmental deals as of September 2022. My bull case was understanding that if this software is commercially available in every single vertical that exists on the planet then we've got a massive opportunity here.

Palantir software is brand new. People really don't understand the software yet. Partnerships like this with Concordance will act to shed light on the value that Palantir brings.

When you think about a Healthcare provider and all the different systems that exist, you think about how that can become more efficient and more effective. Actually having a tangible impact.

The current system is just some fragmented software that people in the hospital have to use because that’s all there is.

Palantir’s software provides actionable insight to be able to make real-time decisions that are powered by data. Enabling providers to do something meaningful for patients. Which at the end of the day is the point of the Healthcare System.

Palantir has shown an effective way of solving a lot of these problems as of what they've done in the Covid-19 vaccine distribution process, and I think they can do it in a lot of other commercially available areas.

This is why CEO Alex Karp says bad times are good for Palantir, because they can Showcase, in stress test moments, when you need something to get the job done right now Palantir is able to get the job done.

The second reason I think this is interesting is because Sean Sanker a month ago went on Bloomberg technology and said Palantir is probably the most undervalued Healthcare Tech startup in the world.

Ask yourself: Why is this the case?

If you think about all the verticals they exist in, Healthcare is a very big vertical. From biopharma to clinical research to actual hospitals being able to process the care that they need for their patients. If Palantir software plays a role in all those Industries, then there's a massive opportunity here.

Healthcare is a four trillion dollar market. Palantir doesn't need to capture all of that, they just need a tiny percent of that to be able to deliver some shareholder value.

Partnerships like this with Concordance not only serve as a case study for the next five years going forward but also indicate to a lot of other Healthcare verticals,

‘Hey Concordance is using Palantir and they're faster, they're more effective, they're more efficient, they're getting stuff done, people are happier, the patients are nicer, they're making more money as a result of it, maybe we should try.’

Hopefully, it's just this flywheel effect at that point, that only keeps expanding and compounding upon itself.

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