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Healthcare needs a solution, and Palantir has many

Data plays an increasingly important role in healthcare today. By collecting, analyzing, and utilizing the vast amounts of data generated by medical procedures, treatments, and overall patient health, healthcare providers are better able to assess and improve the quality of care they provide to their patients.

By analyzing patient data, personalized care plans can be developed and potential risks for individual patients based on medicines involved in the treatment plans can be addressed prior to complications.

Researchers can even identify the most effective drugs and methods for delivery based on specific patient gene expressions.

The amount of data that can be operationalized in the healthcare space is beyond comprehension. This is without exaggeration for many. The formation of data is far outpacing any one organization’s current ability to harvest and implement for the betterment of patients.

Healthcare needs a solution, and Palantir has many solutions to offer.

Good "X" Practice

One of the most significant aspects of Palantir Foundry is that it is now GxP qualified. GxP stands for "Good (Practice) X," where X can be any of several different categories such as laboratory, clinical, manufacturing, or quality management.

In this case, GxP qualification means that the software has been determined to meet certain guidelines or regulations for quality management in the pharmaceutical industry. Including regulations established by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for electronic records and electronic signatures.

This qualification allows Palantir Foundry to be used in regulated environments within the pharmaceutical industry.

"The launch of Foundry into the GxP-regulated space marks a new chapter for Palantir's work in Life Sciences and is in line with our commitment to provide the most comprehensive cutting-edge software to our customers," said Palantir Chief Operating Officer Shyam Sankar. "We intend to continue to launch more purpose-built products in the healthcare space to further accelerate our clients' transition to integrated clinical data repositories and statistical computing environments."

This is important because it means that the software can be used by these companies in a way that is compliant with the regulations set forth by the FDA. Crucial for companies in the pharmaceutical industry, as they must adhere to strict guidelines and regulations in order to bring their products to market.

Palantir, in an attempt to capitalize on the new attention they will be receiving from this type of qualification in the Life Sciences, has released a new product offering.

Quality Management Solutions (QMS)

This major announcement from Palantir is showcasing Foundry's ability to provide a single, integrated platform to help accelerate the timeline to therapeutic launch, from translation research.

Through GxP-validated primary submission, secondary analysis, and real-world studies, the go to market time is significantly reduced. Several additional major pharmaceutical and contract research organizations are currently using Palantir's QMS for platform certification.

By using Palantir Foundry, these companies can ensure that they are in compliance with these regulations, while also being able to take advantage of the software's powerful capabilities for analyzing data.

Foundry is designed to help transform the way organizations operate by creating a central operating system for their data, leading to better data-driven decision making. The software works by creating a central repository for all of a company's data, allowing it to be easily accessed and analyzed by different departments and teams. This leads to better collaboration and decision making, as all of the data is in one place and can be easily shared and analyzed.

With Palantir's GxP qualification package, life sciences customers can now take advantage of the same power and flexibility of Foundry while maintaining compliance. This means that companies can use the software to analyze their data and make better decisions, while also ensuring that they are in compliance with the regulations set forth by the FDA and other governing bodies.

Palantir continues to work with organizations in the healthcare sector across the value chain and of all sizes. Its software is currently deployed in all areas of the industry including in public health, pharmaceuticals, biotech, clinical research, and healthcare operations, to help power better decisions to the world's most difficult problems.

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