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Here's How You Can Ask Palantir A Question In Their Earnings Call

If you are a dedicated retail investor of Palantir, you likely have some questions for the company.

Fortunately, in today's environment, companies are becoming much more friendlier to retail investors - and for good reason. If a company has a strong retail base, they can get a passionate community to support them and advocate for them even when times are rough.

Some might launch a whole website dedicated to the company.

SayTechnologies is a platform that connects companies to their retail investors. People can ask questions, and the ones with the most upvotes will get the attention of the company. They will either explicitly answer those questions or at least bring up those topics during their upcoming earnings call.

Palantir earnings is May 9th, 2022. I made a video below asking my audience to comment below their most desired question, and the one with the most likes is the one that I will ask on the platform. As a result, everyone in my community can upvote that question and we can hopefully get it picked.

The YouTube video is here for you to watch and then comment your best question under. After a couple days, I'll officially ask it on SayTechnologies.

Some topics I am interested in:

- Metaverse Integration

- Foundry for Crypto (we've really heard nothing about this for months)

- How the government business is doing

Currently, some of the highest upvoted questions on Say are generic and bland, and more specific ones will likely lead us to more clarity on how the company will do in the future.

Here is the link for you to ask your question:

I'll be releasing a proper earnings expectations article/video within the coming weeks before May 9th!

Thanks for reading the article. If you'd like to get in contact, please @ me on twitter here or email me at

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