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Here's The First Week Analytics of Daily Palantir's Launch

If you'd like to see the video version of this article, you can click here.

All right, you launched a website. It's interesting, has some articles, is in a niche...but does anyone care?

Can you get people to come back? Can you get new people to find it? Can you get people to share it with their friends?

These are the questions I am struggling with right now as I am building dailypalantir - and anyone building anything that requires the ability to acquire and retain attention will struggle with.


It's the best struggle you can go for - trying to actually get people in the world to care. It's not easy, but if you can do can have some influence in this world.

I launched the website last week on March 18th, 2022. It was a full community launch. The only reason these numbers were able to be put up is because of how much the community supported the project and wanted it to succeed.

I believe Palantir will get more popular as the company progresses. More people in the world will want to know about this company, and I believe dailypalantir will be the place where people access the highest quality information around Palantir.

I also believe the website will be a source of due diligence for people to track how much retail sentiment exists based on the visits to a website dedicated to covering just one company.

And hopefully we get an interview with Alex Karp one day :)


We had about 14,000 sessions (people who browse multiple pages) from around 10,000 people (unique visitors. The average time they spent in the past week was about 6 minutes on the websites, which makes sense since on average an article is 3 minutes - most people likely read 2 articles per session.

Here's a breakdown geographically of all the cities across the world that people accessed

All visitors this week were new since the website just launched - it will be interesting to see next week's unique visitors in comparison to this week.

This was one of the most interesting parts from the analytics.

Most people either came directly (typing in the website name in their browser - which means they heard about it from somewhere), Twitter, or organic search on Google.

Twitter is the strongest way to begin driving traffic, my personal account and the Daily Palantir account have a combined 5,000 followers. As a result, I'm able to bounce articles between both accounts, helping the articles to begin gaining some initial traction.

Long term, I will need to make sure the website is optimized in google so that direct search results for Palantir, which I suspect will go up as the company progresses, should lead to this website over other.

Other forms of traffic include bing, yahoo, stocktwits, facebook, youtube, and referrals (people sending the links via various apps to each other).

Thank you so much for the support - hope to grow this and share the progress along the way!

Thanks for reading the article. If you'd like to get in contact, please @ me on twitter hereor email me at

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