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Here's What Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O’ Leary) Thinks About Palantir.

Kevin O' Leary is an important figure in the world of business for a lot of reasons, but one of the main reasons is that he is a consistent (almost daily now) contributor for the world's largest business media network - CNBC.

This means, whether you like it or not, his opinion does have an impact on how retail investors feel about a certain company. Fortunately for now, (and based on his statements it seems like he is bullish for the long term) Mr. Wonderful thinks the business of Palantir is, well....wonderful.

He went on a podcast recently and was asked about Palantir. Here is what he said.

MeetKevin (interviewer) - "Palantir a lot of social media talk about this stock. Cathie Wood just sold her entire position essentially and palantir what's your take on this one is it too

too undeveloped, any thoughts on this?"

Kevin O'Leary - "No I do i've remained uh an owner of palantir um it provides it's what that company does very few companies can provide the same service.

When you when you start to understand how important it is to be able to manage data and do it effectively and do it cost you know in a way that's cost beneficial and the analysis can be done i mean you think about any company wants to know what their customers buy when they use the product what price point they do it their size and taste preferences if it happens to be consumer good or service and then of course to be able to speculate using ai.

All of these are within the purvey of palantir and I don't know of another company does it

quite the same way so for me again it's a one and a half percent waiting um i'm not you know i'm not 100 there yet but it's volatile and controversial and of course Cathie tends to do more concentrated positions that's not what i do in maintaining diversification and you know um the remarkable thing is you can take both approaches and get to the same place i'm pretty happy with my performance."

My Analysis of Mr. Wonderful's Thoughts on Palantir

So, my thoughts on Mr. Wonderful's statements are two fold:

First, it seems like he understands Palantir's unique position in the marketplace. Companies have massive amounts of data. That data needs to be protected, analyzed, and used for business intelligence. If companies cannot understand their data - they do not survive. Kevin seems to believe that palantir has a superior product with helping companies actually being able to perform this task.

Second, Mr. Wonderful also is not shy about speaking to Palantir's potential publicly. There are very few people on CNBC that actively talk about the stock or give it any meaningful coverage. Mr. Wonderful understands the problem they are trying to solve, has 1% of his funds in it - basically being optimistically cautious - so I expect on the next runup, he will be one of the main contributors on the network actually speaking to the value of the stock and why the company can grow and be one of the most important software companies in the world.

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