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How Palantir's Technology Benefits Kinder Morgan's Pipeline Operations

Palantir, the leading builder of operating systems, partnered with Kinder Morgan, one of the largest energy infrastructures in North America, in a multi-year partnership aimed at optimizing the company's energy operations. The partnership, which was announced on December 2, 2021, will involve the deployment of Palantir's data integration software platform, Foundry, to drive efficiency and safety in Kinder Morgan's storage operations.

I wanted to revisit the partnership and go deeper into the implications of it, specifically for the use cases Foundry can have within the energy sector.

While the financial details of the agreement have not been disclosed, the average Palantir contract is worth around $8.1 million, and it is expected that the multi-year horizon of the agreement will see Kinder Morgan deploy Foundry to optimize its US-based gas storage operations. Foundry will enable the company to make data-driven decisions on gas storage optimization and maintenance scheduling by providing operators and decision-makers with a common operating picture of the company's infrastructure, connecting transactional systems of data streams, analysis, and operations over supply grid integrity, customers, and pricing.

Mark Hughes, Kinder Morgan's CIO, has praised Foundry as particularly useful at delivering results on critical and complex challenges quickly in their business, where a premium is placed on doing things safely while moving at speed.

Palantir's software platform will be instrumental in connecting disparate data sources, integrating AI and ML to identify patterns and visualizing how the company's supply chains work to make better data-driven decisions. While Kinder Morgan is an oil and gas company, Palantir's technology could help minimize environmental impact and reduce the occurrence of accidents, as evidenced by the BP oil spill.

The partnership with Kinder Morgan is a significant milestone for Palantir as it seeks to expand its footprint in the commercial market. With a company that generates $11.7 billion in revenue and has over 11,000 employees worldwide, Palantir's partnership with Kinder Morgan could help it gain significant traction in the energy sector.

5 ways this partnership will help Kinder Morgan:

  1. Improved Efficiency: Palantir's software can provide real-time insights into Kinder Morgan's supply chain, allowing them to better track the movement of goods and optimize their logistics processes. This could lead to significant cost savings and improved efficiency across the organization.

  2. Enhanced Security: Kinder Morgan operates critical infrastructure, including pipelines and terminals, which are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Palantir's software can help the company detect and respond to potential security threats, improving their overall security posture.

  3. Better Decision-Making: Palantir's software can help Kinder Morgan's executives make better decisions by providing them with timely and accurate data. This can help them identify opportunities for growth and make informed decisions about resource allocation.

  4. Increased Flexibility: Palantir's software is highly customizable, allowing Kinder Morgan to tailor it to their specific needs. This means that they can easily integrate it into their existing systems and processes, and make changes as their business needs evolve.

  5. Competitive Advantage: By using Palantir's software, Kinder Morgan can gain a competitive advantage over other companies in the industry. They can use the insights gained from the software to make better decisions, optimize their operations, and ultimately deliver better results for their customers. This could help them grow their market share and increase their revenue over time.

The partnership between Palantir and Kinder Morgan is a testament to the importance of technology in the energy sector. While the world is transitioning to renewable energy, oil and gas companies will still play a crucial role in the energy mix for years to come. Palantir's partnership with Kinder Morgan is an example of how technology can help these companies operate more efficiently while minimizing their environmental impact.

Palantir's partnership with Kinder Morgan is a significant milestone for both companies. The integration of Foundry will enable Kinder Morgan to make data-driven decisions on gas storage optimization and maintenance scheduling, while Palantir will gain a significant foothold in the energy sector, positioning itself for more partnerships with other oil and gas companies.

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