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I Asked An AI Drawing Program To Show Me "Palantir." The Results May Shock You.

One of the biggest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and NLP has been DALL-E 2, a system that uses some of the most highly sophisticated AI trained models around NLP (natural language processing) to create images based on purely typing in words.

Google was a breakthrough because you could type in any set of keywords and then find a result that was exactly rooted in what you were looking for.

What if you could just type "people swinging near a sunset" into an AI tool that could then create that image? What ethical implications does that have for the concept of art or originality if a tool can just create something with words?

Here's a video explaining this concept more in depth.

Well, while the full version of DALL-E is still in private beta, there are some smaller, less advanced versions of it, including:

I typed in the word "Palantir," and this is what I got:

The interesting thing about this was that Palantir is associated with Lord of The Rings so I thought it would show me some LOTR pictures since that word is so meaningful in the context of that movie.

However, it ended up showing me various pictures of Alex Karp wearing a suit, likely because the word "Palantir" has been so closely tied to the image of Alex Karp all over the internet.

Well, I guess we all can confirm that Alex Karp IS Palantir. And all of our money as investors is in his hands.

As per his recent interview, I don't mind that, at all:

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