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I Interviewed The CEO of A Palantir SPAC: WEJO

The cool part about beginning to build an audience get some opportunities to talk to some pretty cool people.

I had never spoken to a public company CEO before, so when the WEJO team reached out, I was incredibly grateful to speak to the CEO of a company Palantir invested in via their SPAC thesis.

WEJO is an incredibly interesting company that deals with connected vehicle data - their goal is to build operating systems for OEMs and other car companies to gain better insights on how to build and manage fleets of vehicles in a more sophisticated way.

Thanks to Richard Barlow, CEO, for being on. We discussed his upbringings, why Palantir invested in them (along with GM and Microsoft) and how they compete with Tesla for connected vehicle data.

Hope you all enjoy - feel free to leave a comment on the interview on YouTube!

You can check out the interview here.

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