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Listen To What Alex Karp Says When Asked If Palantir Sells Data

Alex Karp, CEO of Palantir, recently gave a 40 minute interview explaining his thoughts on a variety of subjects that you can listen to here.

Int he interview, he was bluntly asked by someone in the UK (which is where the interview took place) around if Palantir sells or has access to consumer and patient data. Palantir works closely with the NHS, which is the healthcare system that governs all of the YK, so naturally the citizens of UK have concerns around this topic.

Karp tends to be long winded with his answers. This is not his fault per say, it's just a company like Palantir and what they do are incredibly complex. To give a simple yes or no answer usually doesn't do justice to all of the nuances associated with how Palantir thinks about data and the ethical concerns around it.

In the clip below, Karp will conclude with a one word answer, but the journey of getting there is what matters, right?

Click to listen below:

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