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MCI Onehealth and Palantir Technologies Partner to Solve Healthcare Issues

Palantir has entered into a 3 year partnership with MCI onehealth. From the PR:

MCI Onehealth Technologies Inc. (“MCI”) (TSX: DRDR), a clinician-led healthcare technology company focused on increasing access to and quality of healthcare, and Palantir Technologies Inc., a leading builder of operating systems for the modern enterprise, are pleased to confirm a three-year commercial agreement to power MCI’s clinical insights that can improve patient outcomes and help address urgent health system issues. Palantir’s Foundry platform will power analytics for improved MCI patient care and research projects for MCI’s international stakeholders in the health, pharma, therapeutic, and life sciences sectors. The partnership with Palantir supports and helps accelerate MCI’s partnerships with other health innovators like MDClone.

Who is MCI?

From their website,

"At MCI Onehealth, we operate one of the leading technology enabled primary care networks in Canada. We continue to develop and implement an ecosystem of digital applications that are focused on modernizing and personalizing the primary care experience for our patients.

Beyond our virtual care applications, we are creating remote biometric tracking and access to a host of digitally enabled concierge medical services.

We are developing machine learning models and AI technology for primary care improvements. We apply AI technologies that will increase the rate of detection for chronic disease and improve overall clinical standards. We develop AI technology to deliver actionable insights with the ultimate aim of disease prevention.

Our medical and data science technologists utilize the latest evidence-backed science to build the foundation for our machine learning and AI systems."

MCI & Palantir Seem Like A Perfect Fit

This is one of those partnerships that seems like a perfect fit on paper. MCI engages in building medical technology with a keen focus in AI to be able to use pattern recognition in detecting diseases. Palantir's Foundry software is built to be able to analyze data at scale and create analyses that help organizations understand the historical trends within their data and the future potential of what their data is suggesting going forward.

MCI’s collaboration with Palantir will continue to accelerate MCI’s data strategy in disease screening, novel referral optimization and other custom data and precision medicine initiatives. Health researchers can access MCI generated insights to better understand disease progression, enhance care delivery and develop new products and treatments that can improve patient outcomes – which can help reduce overall health system costs. This is possible by leveraging MCI’s rigorous data governance controls and Palantir Foundry’s embedded data protection capabilities, including granular access controls, end-to-end provenance, and audit, which ensures MCI can secure sensitive health data, while enabling access to only authorized users for approved purposes.

The data strategy involved in disease screening and optimizing for precision medicine initiatives is where Palantir's software can immediately come in. Given Palantir's unique focus around data governance, the security and privacy of health data is a unique focus for any software company attempting to help a health services company.

Palantir's history with working in the NHS and actually creating the infrastructure fo their entire health system to become more efficient and optimized while not selling or interfering with any sensitive patient data gives them the strongest route to be able to take on a task that MCI is asking for.

Most companies struggle with governance because the ability to protect data is not build into their DNA. With Palantir, protecting civil liberties and making sure data is respected and only viewed by the parties that have access and control to view it is at the forefront of how they approach technology.

This seems like a strong partnership and likely will be able to encourage more relationships in the future with Palantir working with health institutions.

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