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Meet The Guy Who Hasn’t Sold A Single Share of Palantir Since 2014

If you knew about Palantir in 2014, would you have invested?

Well, even if you did - you would have to get access by calling the NASDAQ Capital Private Markets and requesting the ability to buy shares since Palantir was still a public company during that time.

Roger Monteforte is the Founder and CEO of Forte Capital group, as long as a regular contributor on CNBC.

His biography from his website states,

"Roger is a 20 year veteran of the securities industry. As Founder and CEO of Forte Capital Group he leads a network of highly skilled registered representatives providing financial services to high net worth and institutional clients. Through a proprietary trading platform unique to Forte Capital, Roger affords his clients access to exclusive, actionable research and analysis."

Roger has been on bullish on Palantir since 2014 when he first bought private shares. As a contributor on CNBC, he has consistently reiterated the bull thesis for Palantir on that network.

CNBC covers the stock market 24/7, but has very few contributors that consistently explain why Palantir is a strong company to own. Roger is one of the individuals that actually believes in Palantir and has continued to stay with the company even as it fell from all time highs of $45.

Below you can watch his logic to continuing to stay with Palantir and why he is not selling:

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