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New Executives Leave for Palantir

You can listen to the audio version of this article here.

More people are leaving their previous positions to join Palantir. As reported last week, Anthony Lye left his position as VP of cloud application at NetApp in order to join Palantir, taking on the role of Global Head - Apollo.

More key figures are starting to join.

This was shared by an awesome twitter account around Palantir, showing a new person named Peter Gray leaving for Palantir.

He was a senior manager at Deloitte, a big 4 consulting firm, for 7 years before making the transition as a NetSuite architect for Palantir.

Additionally, Palantir anointed Manik Sharma as the head of Supply Chain and Digital Solutions, a senior executive role.

Manik Sharma was the VP of Value Services at Coupa Software, another cloud-based company that managed the end to end payments of supply chains within the cloud. It made sense for him to transition into a role dealing so intimately with supply chains at Palantir.

More people leaving positions at their old jobs for Palantir shows a broader signal for executives across the globe to take another look at Palantir.

While they could stay comfortable in their current positions, there is something unique about Palantir attracting them to join leadership roles in the company. Whether it is their differentiated approach to supply chains/logistics, their partnerships with companies across the world to build platforms and operating systems, or their philosophical mission to protect western values, C-suites across the world are taking notice of Palantir and beginning to hope on the train.

I'll continue to report more people that choose to leave for Palantir.

You can watch a video of me speaking on this:

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