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NEW: Palantir's Alex Karp Latest Sales Pitch to Employees In A Park

You can watch Palantir CEO speak here. He recently put out a YouTube video on the Palantir channel, here is the transcript:


"At Palantir, we built our company for the sole purpose of making our institutions work better in bad times and we also built our institution, Palantir, to thrive in bad times. No surprise and no news to anyone that those times are in many ways always upon us, in many ways always upon us, both in the geopolitical context, in the context of violence, in war, and in the economic context.

And at Palantir, we are expanding and seeking to hire more people that fit into Palantir, primarily technical, but people, people who are eclectic, interesting, intelligent, have their own opinions, believe in expressing those opinions, and will thrive in our culture. Palantir is not for everyone, but but many people No No surprise and no news to anyone that those times are who've come to Palantir viewed it as the centerpiece of their life, I view it as the centerpiece of my life.

And for those of you who were once at Palantir and helped us build what is become a truly interesting, fascinating, and uniquely impactful institution on the global stage, you are also welcome to come back to Palantir, your once and former home. You will know there are many things you can do outside of Palantir, but there are some things that you can only do at Palantir, and you are especially welcome to come back.

Any case, I'm hoping to meet all of you new Palantirians and help build a company to do even more interesting and impactful things in the future. Thank you."

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