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Palantir hits $20: The AI Gold Rush and What You Need To Know

This article was edited by Andrew Salamon, head of content at Daily Palantir. You can follow him on twitter here

Palantir’s Stock Soars

Early in the morning, with the opening of the markets, Palantir Technologies, a software company known for its data analytics and artificial intelligence expertise, experienced a significant surge. Its shares ascended to $19.52, marking a robust 9.5% upswing for the day.

However, as market watchers know all too well, the morning open is just the beginning. By 11:30 a.m., the stock had scaled to dizzying heights, even nudging the $20 mark, according to some trading platforms, despite others reporting a high of $19.99. By the end of the after-hours trading session, Palantir had finished the day at $19.97, up 12.06% on the day.

The Influential Dan Ives Weighs In

This astonishing rally didn't emerge out of thin air. On Friday, Dan Ives, a highly respected technology analyst, voiced his belief that Palantir shares should command a price of $25 each. His favorable view of the company, coupled with his reputation, spurred an uptick in Palantir's stock price.

Ives reiterated his outlook on Palantir during a CNBC segment, stating that he viewed the company as being at the forefront of the AI Gold Rush. According to him, we are currently experiencing the fourth Industrial Revolution, where artificial intelligence is playing an integral role. He likened Palantir to a key player in this new technological landscape, even calling them the "Messi of AI," a reference to the world-renowned soccer player.

Understanding Palantir's Rally

There are a couple of crucial points to unpack from Ives' comments. First, he emphasized the importance of not only Palantir's government contracts but also its burgeoning commercial success. The expansion of AI into the enterprise sector marks the beginning of a new Gold Rush, and Palantir, as a pure-play AI company, is positioned as the leader of this charge.

Palantir's current momentum, a 20% + leap in just a couple of days, can't be wholly attributed to macroeconomic factors. Instead, the company's recent surge is likely due to the impact of Ives' endorsement and the broader industry recognition of the growing importance of AI in the business world.

A Look at the AI Landscape

While established tech giants like Nvidia, Tesla, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are making significant inroads into AI, their high valuations might make them less accessible to some investors. That's where Palantir comes in. As a more affordable yet equally potent, player in the AI sector, Palantir offers investors exposure to the burgeoning AI industry without the hefty price tag attached to big tech stocks.

While Palantir's current valuation might seem inflated at $40 billion given its growth rate, it's essential to remember that tech stocks often carry a premium. They're priced not just on their current performance but also on the potential they hold. If Palantir can continue to expand and capitalize on the AI Gold Rush, its current valuation may soon seem like a bargain.

However, investors must tread carefully. Earnings season could bring unexpected turns - great earnings could further boost the stock, but any shortfalls might lead to a decline. As the AI revolution unfolds and Palantir continues to establish its position within it, it's clear that all eyes will be on this high-potential player in the times to come.

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