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Palantir is One of Three Companies That Have This...

Palantir, Microsoft, and Amazon are the only three companies on Earth that have achieved IL-6 Clearance with the United States Government.

Two of those companies are worth trillions of dollars, one of those is worth $16 billion. Obviously, not a black and white comparison. Amazon and Microsoft have many fully grown business segments outside of just dealing with the government.

It does say something that one company, a measly “tiny” company by market cap, is getting in the door with the D.O.D. at the highest level of clearance.

Palantir’s software could literally be added on top of existing infrastructure to be able to actually secure really classified data in a way that most other companies are just not capable of.

I think it's really interesting, especially when paired with the $800 million dollars of deals that came in September from governmental agencies.

COO Shyam Sankar now looks like a genius back in February at the Morgan Stanley conference, where he was explaining how the government is gonna have to spend really soon. They have budgets that must be maxed out otherwise they can't justify budget increases every year.

They approved $800 billion dollars of defense spending, if they want more next year they have to spend it all like crazy at year end. Stands to reason some of that money would go to a company with the top level security clearance.

Will this clearance level make the stock price go up?

In the short term, no one seems to care, but in the long term this is a massive catalyst.

Palantir is very much a divisive company. There's people who hate them with a passion, but consider every company in the world has people who despise them.

Because they're not socialist, or communist, or democrat, or republican, or whatever the rationale is.

Extract everything from Palantir and look only at the technology. I don't want to know the name of the company, I don't want to know who founded it, I don't care who's running it, nothing other than the technology and what they are achieving. If you are closing contracts in the hundreds of millions of dollars on a regular basis and your technology is proven to not only work, but be uniquely certified in a place where you have no competition, that warrants additional research.

Real analysts at major firms are going to have to start paying attention. They're gonna start to look at these achievements and eventually someone will come out and say “we got this wrong”. Which opens the floodgates for others to begin a reassessment.

Not financial advice of course, but there is only so much time that can pass, so many achievements that can be claimed before attention accumulates.

If Palantir can continue down this path, and maintain their IL-6 certification, hopefully it is just a matter of time before the stock performance adjusts.

There can be no error.

With this level of clearance rewarded to Palantir, it is stroking a flame under Palantir’s reputation.

Perhaps not in the eye of the general public or of analysts, but with their customers.

Because at the end of the day, there can be no error. Palantir cannot just simply tell the government they messed up or their software went down for 30 seconds. That is unacceptable.

There is no doubt that corporations and other world governments, Palantir’s clients, are looking at this and considering them in a manner that they haven't before.

If the world's most powerful entity is entrusting the most sensitive data with this company, perhaps we should see why.

This is an opportunity to say, you know the proof is in the pudding. They've delivered tons and tons of pudding. As a matter of fact, it was a full course meal not just dessert.

Let's present a different line of thinking to you.

How bad would it be if Amazon lost il-6?

People would go bananas, because they'd recognize what an unbelievable unique opportunity is to have that level of access.

Is it not a bit ironic that folks don't see it in the reverse for Palantir?

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