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Palantir Is Watching Retail Investors

Retail Matters

When a public company isn't understood by wall street, that public company's stock usually tends to go to the garbage.

If you can't convince the largest banks and hedgefunds in the world to buy your stock, then there's not going to be enough money to actually move it up, right?

Well, if we've learned anything over the past two years from AMC, Gamestop, Robinhood, etc. - it's that retail investors truly can influence the direction of a company.

Tesla itself is one of the largest examples around retail keeping a stock alive. Elon Musk is a visionary leader and is able to communicate with retail investors in a way the drives trust between them and Tesla. As a result, when bad news comes out or misleading headlines, the retail investing community of Tesla serves as fact-check against misinformation.

At the very least, they do an amazing job of propagandizing their bull case for the company to drown out the bears. When Tesla was not understood by major banks (and is still not by some), retail was there to keep the company and it's stock alive.

Palantir has a thriving retail investing community

Two things caught my attention this week, both being acknowledgement from upper management in Palantir around content posted by retail investors about the company.

Below, you will see a screenshot from Ticker Symbol You, a popular YouTube channel on stocks and investing. Alex, the owner of the channel, recently did a video on Palantir that broke down what the company actually does in simple terms. He got the attention of someone in charge of Strategetic Accounts at Palantir on Linkedin:

You can watch Alex's video here.

Next, Arnaldo (goes by Arny) posted something on twitter about Palantir around how Palantir connects analytics to workflows. He also got the attention of someone from Palantir on Linkedin:

Why I Like This

A thriving retail community is good for any company. When they have a bad few quarters, that retail community will have convinction to stay.

When that company is up 20% in a day, that retail community will not want to sell for short term gains.

Palantir is a company that can truly be once in a generation. Having a community advocating for the company to grow and execute against it's mission is important, but what is also important is having the company itself acknowledge the work being done by retail investors to learn more about the company.

Palantir is doing a great job at this, especially with their announcement as of two weeks ago.

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