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Palantir Partner Ferrari Brings Home 1ST & 2ND Place At Bahrain Grand Prix

Palantir is a company that does a lot of interesting things, to say the least. Their software and platform harnesses the potential of big data and AI to drive results for clients that need insights to make more optimized decisions.

They partnered with Ferrari a few years back and became an official sponsor on the cars as well, seen below.

How Does Palantir's Software Help Ferrari?

From their website they explain, "Formula 1 teams have extremely limited time to test their car on the track, in the wind tunnel, or with computer simulations, so it often comes down to race weekends: combining immense amounts of data with engineering expertise, at speed. That’s where Palantir comes in.

Palantir allows Scuderia Ferrari to ingest millions of data points, removing the time-consuming data cleaning and integration step and providing a structured, relatable framework – the Ontology – for making consequential decisions.

Palantir’s analytical tools allow Scuderia Ferrari engineers to leverage this ontology, a digital twin of their data, to create analyses, rapidly iterate on them, and adjust various axioms or modelling decisions. From part reliability – understanding a part’s lifecycle so it doesn’t fail during a race, to determining which configuration will perform best on a given track, Palantir’s technology draws the link between man, machine, and data."

Palantir plays a major role in actually allowing the engineers that build the Ferrari cars that enter into competitive racing to be as optimized as possible (and in these races, the millisecond of the millisecond matters) in order to have the best chance at winning.

"In using Palantir, we have basically taken all of the complexity that lies around managing such a vast amount of data out of our hands. And we really focus our time on extracting value from the analyses that we run, focusing on the product that we develop." - Marco Adurno - Head of Vehicle Performance - Scuderia Ferrari

Over the weekend, the Bahrain Grand Prix took place. This is a F1 (Formula One) motor racing event that first began in 2004. It is now one of the largest racing events in the world.

Charles Leclerc and team-mate Carlos Sainz ended up winning first and second place, using Ferrari cars to get the job done.

What does this mean for Palantir?

There was a reason Ferrari chose to work with Palantir - they believed that in high level races where analysis of data matters by the microsecond, Palantir's software would be the best to help analyze, understand, and interpret data to actually allow a competitive advantage.

The technology is explained below from Palantir:

"Palantir integrates several types of Scuderia Ferrari’s data, such as sensor data (from races, tests, simulations or testing equipment), parts information, or data from experiments and tests; but the key source is data from car sensors in the form of high frequency time series.

Time series is a special kind of data due to its complexity and scale – thousands of sensors reading up to a thousand times per second. The complexity is due to its structure: each of those data points is part of a stream of sensor data, not an isolated observation, and engineers need extremely quick access to only the most important data to keep costs under control."

While there may be a host of reasons why Ferrari won this weekend, one can conclude that Palantir's technology at the core of the operating system for the optimization of the data needed to have a competitive advantage is a great sign for the partnership between Palantir and Ferrari while proving the legitimacy of the value Palantir is able to provide.

If I had to guess, Ferrari probably doesn't want Palantir working with any other car brands like Mercedes that compete against them!

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