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Palantir Partners With Anduril Industries For Army TITAN Program

From the official PR today:

"Palantir Technologies and Anduril Industries will partner in phase two of the Army’s Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node (TITAN) prototype. Palantir Technologies is one of the competing prime contractors and is leading a team of the nation’ best traditional and non-traditional contractors, with Anduril leading the hardware development of the prototype ground station.

TITAN will provide timely and assured intelligence for long range precision fires in contested environments. TITAN is a scalable and expeditionary intelligence ground station that will accelerate and simplify the Army’s ability to access and process massive volumes of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) data for fires with increased precision and accuracy.

In the first phase, the team designed, developed, and demonstrated TITAN ALPHA, a full-scale working concept vehicle. The TITAN ALPHA demonstrated modularity, manageability, and performance. While not a part of the phase one requirements, the development of the vehicle in less than six months proved that the team can rapidly develop and deliver concept systems. Anduril has extensive experience developing software-defined hardware systems that are continually updated in remote and austere environments to keep pace with changing threats.

Phase two will include development of a full working prototype vehicle with the refinement of system level designs and requirements via soldier touchpoints, as well as operational tests, evaluations and exercises.

This TITAN effort will develop intelligence ground stations necessary to meet the challenge of Multi Domain Operations against near peer threats. The overall solution will incorporate data integration, fusion, processing, and analytic capabilities using AI and ML to automate and assist the Army in shortening sensor-to-shooter timelines. This system will provide a comprehensive deployable edge solution to support intelligence and targeting necessary to counter global threats in challenging and austere environments."

I wrote about Palantir's aim to win this contract and what it means for them going forward in order to land more government contracts here.

Here's a video below explaining Anduril Industries:

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