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Palantir's Foundry and R Studio's Collaboration: Explained

What is R Studio/ Posit

Palantir Technologies, a leading builder of operating systems for the modern enterprise, and the recently rebranded RStudios, Posit, have partnered. Integrating the enterprise version of a widely utilized RStudio Pro into Palantir Foundry.

Posit is an integrated development environment for R, a programming language for statistical computing and graphics. Posit is essentially the go to place for data scientists to manipulate data for on the job analysis.

Along with Jupyter notebooks, Posit is one of the largest coding tools in data science.

Palantir integrating with Posit is extremely beneficial given how big Posit is and how many developers around the world use it on a daily basis.

Customers of Palantir and Posit will have the ability to bring their positive workbench licenses into Foundry where they can leverage a fully managed RStudio Pro environment that sits alongside the full application suite of Foundry.

Palantir Chief Architect Akshay Krishnaswamy said “This partnership with Posit and integration with RStudio Pro reflects Palantir’s commitment to providing seamless experiences for analytical users, ensuring that they can leverage the Foundry platform while using the integrated development environment they are most familiar with.”

Posit’s mission statement:

“Our goal is to make data science more open, intuitive, accessible, and collaborative. We provide tools that make it easy for individuals, teams, and enterprises to leverage powerful analytics and gain insights they need to make lasting impact.”

Similarly to how Palantir is working with AWS, GCP, Azure, and Cloudflare, Foundry is integrating workflows into RStudios Pro. Data Scientists who are accustomed to the advanced analytics present with RStudios Pro now are granted access to the flexibility and immediate value of Foundry.

Aligning with posit's goal to make data science more open, intuitive, accessible and collaborative, this new capability closely integrates with Foundry's data governance and security. Such that customers maintain a secure environment for working with data and models.

One of the beautiful things about Palantir Foundry is that they have data governance. The reason why the FBI and the CIA can both work together while using Foundry is because there are cross collaborative tools and protection within those cross-collaborative tools. If there's something the CIA is not allowed to see from the FBI, that is protected because the technology is built not only with the philosophy of data privacy, but also with the technical tools to enforce it.

“We are thrilled to be working with Palantir to offer our users yet another way to utilize the powerful enterprise data science platform that Posit has to offer, paired with Foundry’s ability to effectively bring together data, decisions, and operations.” Said Tareef Kawaf, the President of Posit. “This new integration allows a wide range of individuals, teams, and enterprises to leverage RStudio on Foundry and we look forward to having an long-standing partnership with Palantir”

Posit is practically telling us here that they wish to grow and scale their company with Palantir.

Developer Evangelism

RStudio Pro has a large set of professionals in the data science space who are very accustomed to working within their programs. For them to get all the benefits of something like a Palantir Foundry again seems like a no-brainer.

If developers are asking for very specific tools within data science that cannot be granted by RStudio because it's just not made for those types of things. Then the executives at Posit are making a really intelligent choice here by partnering with a company that already has the tools created, rather than trying to put something together on their own.

From Palantir’s Perspective, they could benefit greatly from an evangelist developer community, one that pushes their companies into signing with Palantir simply because it's more effective and intuitive for their workload.

The strategic partnership here from Palantir and Posit is likely going to be worth its weight in gold.

If Data scientists become accustomed to working with Foundry within RStudio Pro, and the services provided focus on delivering customizable needs to help improve the workflow and efficiency for them on an individual level. It stands to reason that these data professionals would want to have their companies implement this everywhere, not just when they are coding in R.

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