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Palantir's Latest AI Play: ChatGPT for The Enterprise?

In a letter to investors, Palantir CEO, Alex Karp, announced the release of the company's new Foundry platform, which he claims will revolutionize the use of data and artificial intelligence (AI) in business. Karp explained that the platform was designed with a focus on privacy, security, and ethical governance of data, which he believes will be essential for the adoption and acceptance of AI technologies.

According to Karp, the platform features granular access controls, which limit specific users' access to data under particular conditions, as well as ontology capabilities, which ensure that data reflects the structure of real-world objects. Foundry also includes artificial intelligence prompts (AIP), which enable non-technical analysts to interact with data sets through plain language queries, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Karp emphasized that the governance and ethical relationship a company has towards data will be the foundational element for intelligent and ethical use of AI technologies. He believes that all large organizations, including government agencies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and others, will require systems with these capabilities soon.

Palantir plans to release the platform across commercial sectors, including aviation, manufacturing, energy, banking, mining, and automotive industries, as well as government partners worldwide.

From the letter:

"Every large organization in the world will soon require a system with these capabilities. We will be releasing our platform to companies across commercial sectors, including the aviation, manufacturing, energy, banking, mining, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries, as well as to government partners, including leading defense and intelligence agencies, across the United States and its allies in Europe and around the world.

AIP will allow customers to leverage the power of our existing machine learning technologies alongside the increasingly sophisticated natural language processing capabilities of the newest large language models, directly in our existing platforms, including Foundry and Gotham, which are now home to some of the most valuable privately held and industry specific data repositories in the world.

The first version of AIP, which will constitute our fourth platform after Gotham, Foundry, and Apollo, is currently under development and will be available to an initial set of strategic partners in the coming weeks and no later than the end of May.

We are proceeding with the early release of a working version of the platform with the intention of allowing AIP’s capabilities, both intended and emergent, to reveal themselves over time through further use and refinement in the field."

Why This Matters

Palantir's AIP represents a major breakthrough in the field of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning. By using plain language prompts, the platform enables non-technical users to access and analyze complex data sets in a matter of seconds. This has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate, as decision-makers can receive answers to their questions quickly and accurately, without the need for technical expertise.

AIP's ability to integrate with existing data systems is also a significant selling point. The platform can be customized to meet the specific needs of different organizations, making it a versatile tool for businesses in various industries. This versatility means that companies can use AIP to solve a wide range of business problems, from identifying new drug candidates to optimizing supply chain operations.

The platform's user-friendliness and simplicity make it accessible to a wide range of employees, from non-technical staff to C-suite executives. This means that businesses can get more value out of their data, as insights can be quickly shared across teams and departments. AIP's ease of use also means that employees can spend less time searching for answers and more time focusing on strategic tasks, ultimately driving business growth.

One of the most significant benefits of AIP is its potential to democratize data analysis.

Traditionally, data analysis has been the domain of highly skilled technical staff, leaving non-technical employees without access to valuable insights. With AIP, anyone in the organization can ask a question and receive a response, making data analysis accessible to a wider range of employees. This has the potential to drive innovation and improve decision-making at all levels of the organization.

As more businesses adopt AI technologies, demand for user-friendly, ethical, and privacy-focused platforms like Foundry and AIP is only likely to increase. Palantir's focus on these values could give it an edge over competitors and position the company as a leader in the AI market. With the launch of Foundry and AIP, Palantir is poised to capitalize on this trend and revolutionize the way businesses use data and AI to drive growth and innovation.

While many companies are going to replicate something like this for enterprises, what will differentiate Palantir is their ability to guarantee secure access controls, or governance over the data. The models to run the data by (LLMs) will become commodities, the data will make the models unique, and the security protecting the data is what companies will be willing to pay for.

Palantir is the most secure company on the planet when it comes to protecting the data - if they can get that message across to potential customers, they may have a very easy time selling the product to hospitals, banks, and more.

Time will tell to see if they can execute on the product.

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