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Palantir's New Press Release: Apollo is Coming

Palantir has just released a press release that can be read here.

This press release was to inform the public that on April 27th, 2022, we will get a product demo day for one of Palantir's most complex products - Apollo.

From the PR,

These new products will enable companies to autonomously deploy and manage complex software in production across many heterogeneous environments with a homogenous approach. Among a host of new offerings, developers and DevOps organizations that adopt Apollo can ship new features faster, encode security and quality requirements, and write code once that works across virtually all environments — from public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, on premises, data centers, and edge devices, including Humvees, drones, satellites, and more.

Apollo is a complicated product. Most people don't understand it. My hope is that this product demo event is not only rooted in showing the new innovations they've created for Apollo, but also explaining it in a more simpler way for audiences and organizations to understand the value proposition.

When Palantir says that "These new products will enable companies to autonomously deploy and manage complex software," they are arguing for Apollo being a foundational backbone to how most organizations ship software.

If organizations see the value in implementing Apollo along with the new product features Palantir is introducing, we should see more wanting to inquire on how Apollo can fit within their own, custom needs.

Palantir is making this event semi-exclusive, which is why they are requiring people to apply to come to the event - likely to prospect leads to close more deals vs. having it be openly public. Companies that register may already have a sharper desire to buy the product.

From their PR:

"Advance registration for Apollo Demo Day is required, and is available at

Capacity is limited, and registration will close 24 hours prior to the event. For any questions regarding the event, please email"

I'll release my thoughts on the new demo day offerings when they are released in 2 weeks.

Thanks for reading the article. If you'd like to get in contact, please @ me on twitter here or email me at

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