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Palantir Signs A YouTuber To Help Explain Their Software To The Masses

If You've Never Touched Palantir's Software, Can You Still Invest In It?

He goes by the name of CodeStrap - in the morning he spends hours writing code and by night he is up creating YouTube videos trying to explain the code he created to his subscribers.

Codestrap has developed a brand as one of the smartest technical minds within the Palantir community. However, even though there are some amazing technical minds that understand Palantir's product - many regular investors still do not.

One of the major problems people have with investing in Palantir is that they have no idea what the software does.

Even if you think you understand the software, you can't pull it up and use it. You can't get your hands on it. How can you believe something will change the world when you can't even see what it is?

This is where someone like Codestrap comes in. He's made numerous videos on his channel explaining the value of Palantir's foundry from a technical perspective. The core element for why his videos have developed a following are his communication skills - he's able to actually answer technical questions around the software for the majority of non-technical peoples.

What's the difference between Palantir and Snowflake? Why can't AWS just copy Foundry? What does it mean for Foundry to be the "ontology" of an organization?

All of these are questions he's answered in a way for average people to understand.

We Invited CodeStrap on Our Weekly Palantir Podcast

Sachin Vats, Kris Patel, and I host a weekly Palantir podcast. We break down everything that goes down during the week in the world of Palantir and have for the past 7 weeks.

Codestrap came on the podcast because he said he had a major announcement, and boy did he live up to it.

We all knew Codestrap had some relationship with the Palantir for developers community. He was one of the main people advocating for the company to start regularly pushing out content, which they do now on this YouTube Channel, and argued that a thriving developer community would internally push for Palantir to be used at their company - essentially being the greatest salesman for the product.

He Dropped A Bomb Last Night

"You know we've been talking about building this developer community and like getting this off the ground for a little while and today I finalized the paperwork with Palantir and I'm going to have complete access to a foundry environment and i get to demo all these potential apps I've been wanting to build on foundry on the channel through this founding foundry and action series.

I'm learning so much about the platform by the way like I've been working with them pretty closely and like so they've been teaching me a lot about how to apply a lot of the things I want or how to build the things that I want to build on there but it's going to blow your minds and it's like a true AWS replacement by the way like I don't ever have to think about AWS GCP azure ever again to build all the apps I want to build which is really cool. So yeah foundry in action it's going to happen it's starting next week I'm going to start recording and yeah so you guys are going to get to see foundry live you're going to see real apps being built on it you're going to learn all about it." - Codestrap, March 18th, 2022

Did You Read That Correctly?

Codestrap argued last night that he does not need AWS with Foundry. When I heard that, I was amazed. Throughout the podcast, he went deeper into explaining many technical layers to justify why he simply did not need other tools when working with Foundry.

That knowledge, coming from that person, was priceless in my own DD. Hearing from an actually engineer on how they can replace 50 different services with Foundry - not just the theorizing of how they might be able to do that but the actual case study of them building an application without needing the tools they needed before - was outstanding to hear and helped shape my investment thesis.

What does he mean? Why does Palantir replace something like an AWS? Why is he arguing that he can building something in 15 minutes when it used to take him 2 months using other providers? Was Palantir right all along that they are actually building something light years ahead?

I'm sure the community has a lot of those questions. Codestrap's partnership with Palantir will allow him to regularly publish his "Foundry in Action" live series and help give answers to investors.

What does this mean for the Palantir Community?

March 18th, 2022 might have been the day the Palantir community was changed forever.

This blog, a central home for all Palantir analysis was launched.

On the same day, Palantir confirmed a deal with a content creator to give him access to their software for the public (the same public that will consume this blog) to actually get a first look at from someone who can communicate the technical tasks they are performing.

What I'm saying here is that Palantir is making a push to put out more content through the retail community directly (partnering with Codestrap) and indirectly, blogs like this will have more content to be able to write about due to the new transparency of the company allowing their product to be fully shown.

It's going to be a compound effect for investors looking for true due diligence on the actual product, not just company, they are betting their capital on.

You can watch Codestrap make his announcement below. Props to Palantir for making an official deal to establish a stronger, more informed retail investor community.

You can visit Codestrap's channel and join his discord here.

I did a full hour long podcast with Codestrap a few weeks ago that you can watch here.

Thanks for reading the article. If you'd like to get in contact, please @ me on twitter here or email me at

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