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Palantir SPAC WEJO Unveils New Partnership with Ford

Palantir SPAC investment WEJO is a connected vehicle data company that processes billions of data points around smart vehicles. The company's aim is to use data for good while finding ways to monetize that data to help manufactures, OEMs, network providers, and more.

They recently unveiled a new partnership with Ford, as highlighted below from their twitter post:

"HUGE NEWS: Wejo is now collecting personalized connected vehicle data from Ford vehicles This partnership is set to reshape #insurance, better our understanding of how people drive, and improve road safety. Here’s how.

Our collaboration with @Ford Motor Company in Europe means we can send insurers data that leverages user-based intelligence for end-to-end insurance. In short, providers will be able to see the driving behavior of policy holders.

We do this by leveraging Ford’s end-to-end data consent process. The insurance company can then access information such as vehicle location, speed and mileage. This allows them to tailor their offering towards customers based on driving style or limited mileage.

On the announcement, CEO @RichardWejo said, “Providing actionable data insights to insurance providers is another example of how Wejo is expanding into additional markets and demonstrating new use cases for OEMs and insurance companies to monetize #ConnectedVehicleData”.

Graeme Stevens, Manager at Third Party Enablement at Ford of Europe, agreed, “Through the insights our vehicles and customers can provide us, with full consent, we are able to better understand driving behaviors…”

He continued, “[This] ultimately makes the insurance experience a much more tailored and cost-effective experience for our customers.”

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