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Palantir Stepped Up To Fight A Hurricane & Landed A Huge Deal

What Does Tampa General Do?

Tampa General Hospital and Palantir partner to improve patient care through data in an analytics platform. This deal came out right at the same time as the five-year $443 million dollar CDC deal was announced. We don't have any numbers on the Tampa General Hospital deal, but we do know it is an expansion of the already existing partnership. Likely as a result of Hurricane Ian.

Tampa General Hospital, according to their website, does a lot of research and Innovation. They work with many other healthcare professionals to treat a lot of different diseases and problems. A hospital rooted in academic medicine in terms of the actual research of medical Innovations/ breakthroughs.

Many research heavy hospitals and universities are eligible to get these grants as well as notability within the field. Having the doctors to find cures and solve some of the largest health concerns of modern time is a costly endeavor. Which is why many of these hospitals compete aggressively with one another for success.

Tampa Bay is ranked among the top 50 hospitals in the nation in seven Specialties. Means in seven different verticals, they are part of the top 50 hospitals in the country. Clearly good at what they pour their resources into.

Pretty elite hospital Tampa General is. And not only because they are choosing Palantir, which is likely for a reason.

What Will Palantir Do?

Tampa General will be utilizing Palantir Foundry as the foundation of their data platform. Employing AI capabilities to augment critical decision making on the front lines, in their mission to become the safest and most Innovative academic health care system in America. At least according to their website.

Many companies and organizations are dealing with the fact that they have an exponentially growing mountain of data. Palantir is enabling Tampa General to take its organization to the Leading Edge of innovation and Healthcare by integrating foundries ontology to form a single source of truth. Palantir Foundry allows Tampa General to connect otherwise siloed data to be able to form real time plans of action, applying advanced analytics to deliver insights to caregivers and decision makers across the health system.

Palantir has already worked with Tampa General and now they're making this partnership a little bit more official. Likely, they were in the pilot phase which is what Palantir calls it where they kind of land into a company and have to prove their value.

“Bringing together our data, analytics, and operations through Foundry not only enables our team members to see the big picture of how our hospitals currently running, but also predicts changes we need to account for, allowing us to optimize every decision we make.” Said Brian Hammond vice president and chief technology officer of Tampa General. “To us, our healthcare system is a place where people come for personalized care and for themselves and loved ones. Improving the insights we generate from data we already have available to us helpless with this mission, and Palantir has already demonstrated the power of our partnership in helping us triage the challenges of hurricane Ian at a moment's notice”

Hurricane Ian Case Study

Put to the test during Hurricane Ian, with the sudden influx of patience Palantir rapidly extended the already existing data framework built on Foundry to configure an interactive live 360 degree view of patients and providers in under 24 hours.

This is again what Alex Karp means when he says bad times are good for palantir.

His argument is when things go bad, and things always go bad, the question becomes what company steps up and has the technology to be able to resolve and mitigate the problems.

Palantir enables organizations to rise to the occasion and ultimately help reduce the impacts of said hard times.

Hurricane Ian caused mass amounts of destruction along the east coast of Florida, having made landfall just south of Tampa. The tricky part about this natural disaster was that the direct landfall destination of the storm was not known until just hours before impact. A hospital which was not fully prepared would have been the bottleneck for massive destruction and ultimately death.

This partnership with Tampa General Hospital serves as a Case Study for future hospitals worldwide to observe, study, and in time react to.

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