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Palantir Teases Product Demo Day With A Moon Picture

Apollo is one of Palantir's most complex products that most investors fail to understand.

Forget retail investors, even financial analysts from major banks fail to grasp the magnitude that Apollo offers as a technology.

Palantir tweeted today a picture of a moon with the caption "Coming April 27, 2022," implying that on April 27th, they were going to be sharing something new.

The moon is in reference to their Apollo product, and Apollo is in reference to the "Apollo Lunar Module Eagle," the name of the first ship to land on the moon.

This is also confirmed in a tweet exchange with Lisa Gordon, head of Global Communications at Palantir, and Jackson, owner of the PalantirVision twitter account.

What we can likely expect are more demos around the product, potentially new features around the product, and more explanations on how the product can integrate in a growing data environment that is becoming more complex.

Here's a reaction video I did to Apollo a couple months ago.

Hopefully Palantir's announcement is one part of taking the company, to the moon.

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