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Palantir Wasn't Lying

Over the weekend, a set of photos we're released via the president of Ukraine's instagram.

When I first saw these photos, I was in complete shock. For so long, the Palantir shareholder community had been speculating about the company's role in Ukraine. Ukraine is currently fighting a war against Russia's horrific invasion, leaving millions left to leave the country and become refugees.

Alex Karp, the visionary and leader behind Palantir, has consistently said in interviews that "bad times are good for Palantir." The reason behind this statement has less to do about business and more to do about technology - Karp is implying that there are very few software companies with the ability to help mitigate or stop geopolitical, economic, and social crises from unfolding.

When things get bad, companies and governments have turned to Palantir, specifically for their Gotham product, which provides real time analytical capabilities around data in mission critical situations.

I reported earlier in March that the UK government was using Palantir to create their governmental data-matching platform to house Ukrainian refugees.

Afterwards, Shyam Sanker did an interview with Bloomberg admitting that the company is playing a very critical role in the Ukraine crisis, but refused to provide specific details on what is going in.

This left most of us in the community wondering, speculating, almost seeming as if we were conspiracy theorists to the outside world. But if you are in the Palantir community, you know this crisis was meant for a company like Palantir to play a critical role in.

We were right.

Alex Karp Meets With Ukraine President

From the president of Ukraine:

Digital technology plays a big role in the war. Together with CEO Palantir Alex Karp discussed partnership in defense, security and digitalization. This will help strengthen our army and defeat the enemy as soon as possible. Alex Karp is the first CEO of large companies to personally come to Kiev since the beginning of the full-scale war and showed that Ukraine is open to cooperation and business. Thank you for your support!

Wow. There are few very CEO's of public companies taking time out of their days to go all the way to Ukraine to offer their support.

Given what we understand about Palantir, it is very likely Alex Karp went there to not only offer support, but also to specifically discuss the situation and what role his company can play in helping Ukraine.

Management said in the Q1 earnings call that we could expect significant volatility to the upside based on an increase in government contracts. Most of us have assumed this potential upside is due to Palantir being called on to play a critical role in Ukraine, and that role will result in business. Either the business will be coming from Ukraine, which has currently received a massive multi-billion dollar aid package from the United States, or that upside will come from other countries in Europe that are increasing their defense spend and choosing Palantir to be the main software company to allocate resources to because of their role in Ukraine.

It is important to not that Palantir has mentioned that they are committed to helping Ukraine regardless of being paid immediately because they understand the sense of urgency massively outweighs negotiations around pricing.

Overall, seeing our speculation finally come to rest was assuring. We knew Palantir was playing a major role, it only made sense they were playing a major role, and now with these photos, we can confirm that they likely are playing a massive role.

And after seeing these pictures, I for one was massively proud to be a Palantir shareholder.

Here are some pictures below of the interaction:

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