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Revolutionizing AI: Palantir and Jacobs Expand Partnership

This article was edited by Andrew Salamon, head of content at Daily Palantir. You can follow him on twitter here.

The Partnership

Palantir and Jacobs, a $14 billion public firm, have made a significant announcement – the extension of their partnership, a liaison that began in March 2022. The pioneering alliance between these two giants is expected to bring groundbreaking innovations to the world of artificial intelligence (AI).

With Jacobs's data solutions and deep domain knowledge, this partnership is poised to create immense value for clients. It's about speed and security, with AI-powered solutions taking weeks, not years, to deploy and execute – a timeline that has previously seemed unthinkable.

The focus of this collaboration is water infrastructure, a vital area for every society and a key vertical for Jacobs. The partnership has allowed Jacobs to consolidate and optimize data for its clients using Palantir's Foundry. The platform has allowed Jacobs to help its clients create more sustainable and secure water and sewage systems.

The EVP and President of Jacobs expressed optimism about deploying AI to optimize the entire water lifecycle. The Palantir-Jacobs partnership is dedicated to creating more efficient, safer, and sustainable water and sewage systems, benefiting everyone.

AIP and Palantir’s Value Proposition

Jacobs is set to be a keynote presenter at Palantir's first-ever AIPCon. The significance of this event is palpable, as it will bring together industry leaders and enthusiasts to discuss AI advancements. The event will be live-streamed to capture this important milestone, allowing millions worldwide to participate and gain insights in real-time.

The CEO of Jacobs, Bob Pragada, appeared on Mad Money not too long ago. Despite Jim Cramer's historical skepticism towards Palantir, Pragada managed to sway his opinion. He spoke highly of Palantir's software solutions and their AI Prowess, emphasizing the secure deployment of AI technologies. This is a testament to the transformative potential of this extended partnership.

Recently, AIP (Artificial Intelligence Platform) has been layered over Foundry. This upgrade marks an extension of the partnership, offering even greater advantages to clients. One of the notable features of AIP is its robust security controls, which are essential for protecting proprietary data.

Palantir aims to reshape how we view data, focusing on ensuring security, control, and auditability. These factors are often a cause of concern for enterprises wishing to adopt AI. Moreover, these concerns are particularly pronounced in regions with stringent data protection regulations like the European Union's GDPR.

Palantir's CTO, Shyam Sankar, emphasizes the benefits of AI-powered solutions, promising real-time computing power, actionable data, and control. The success of Jacobs's clients in achieving efficiency improvements in energy utilization and chemical usage is just the beginning.

Palantir and Jacobs's partnership isn't just about business; it is an ongoing testament to the transformative power of AI, a journey that they have embarked on together. From the unveiling of Foundry to the impending launch of AIP, this partnership's innovation potential is far from exhausted. For Palantir and Jacobs, the AI future they envision is one filled with infinite possibilities and mutual growth.

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