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This Developer Had An Insane Reaction To Palantir's Latest Announcements

On YouTube, each stock has their own community.

What does a YouTube community around a stock look like? Imagine 100 people who are all passionate about the same company begin posting a video every single day about that company. That's 100 videos a day about the same company.

Now, within those 100 videos, you're going to get a lot of nonsense. Some people will just be fishing for clicks. Some will by telling you to buy the stock since it will go to the moon.

But there are going to be some people that are can offer LOTS of value around their knowledge and expertise around a stock. The Palantir community has found those gems, and a YouTuber by the name of Cyberfam is one of them.

Cyberfam is a developer and offers a very unique perspective when speaking to Palantir from a technical angle. He was one of the first Palantir YouTubers to actually speak to why the tech itself was a reason to invest besides the other narratives surrounding how much the company could grow.

His videos try to understand how the business of Palantir is influenced by the technology, and as a result is able to offer analysis around why Palantir has a competitive advantage over the rest of the marketplace. He also tries to be as objective as possible, offering many bear cases when discussing the company.

His latest reaction to codestrap's recent news about Palantir (written about here) was astonishing. I watched the video and could tell his excitement coming from the screen was genuine. If codestrap is correct about what Palantir's software can actually do, Cyberfam believes even more developers will have the same type of reaction he had.

I highly recommend subscribing to him, and watching his reaction linked here or below:

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