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Vice Media Probably Should Research More About Palantir


Look, if you're investing in Palantir, you've got to be okay with negative media coverage. Unfortunately, people don't like to actually read or do research before they right articles. This is especially true for media companies that see easy targets to get people to click in order to produce buzz around nothingness, trying to make it into somethingness.

I'll even admit that I don't get it right all the time. However, it's why this website is "Palantir Daily" and not "Stocks Daily." I couldn't imagine doing all the deep digging I do on multiple companies everyday and presenting meaningful content to an audience.

One company, I can handle. I can go deep. I can understand multiple perspectives. Most importantly, I can feel confident when writing an article because I feel strength in my ability to communicate about Palantir.

Unfortunately, most journalists don't actually know what Palantir does. They haven't put in the effort. They don't know what a digital twin is. They don't know that their vaccine during the pandemic was likely distributed via Palantir's software. They don't know about all the terrorists attacks that have been thwarted (while maintaining protection over civil liberties) in the past.

They haven't cared to actually analyze the company because the stock price is in the gutter and there is no positive momentum in the mainstream coverage of the stock.

These people, quite frankly, should not be taken seriously. The beauty of free speech is that if someone puts out a crappy article, you can put out another one explaining why their article is crappy.

The recent VICE article that came out was, let's just say...crappy.

Palantir is Evil

The article starts with, "You might be surprised to learn that Palantir, a company that helps ICE separate and deport families with its technology, is one of the most popular meme stocks traded by online retail investors."

This is a massive, massive mischaracterization about Palantir. I can't go into why in this article, but I did a 19 minute video about it months ago. Please, please watch this so you can speak more intelligently when people bring up the ICE argument.

It's not a good argument.

The article then goes on to paint Palantir in the light of a traditional meme stock, even casting skepticism on what the Ukraine partnership entails. They write:

On June 2, Karp became the first chief executive to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy since Russia invaded the country three months ago. Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine's minister of Digital Transformation, posted a photo of the meeting and confirmed in a tweet that Karp was not only the first CEO to visit since the invasion, but demonstrated "Impressive support and faith in credibility of investments: agreed on office opening and digital support of Army."
As for what that actually means, it's not entirely clear. "Dr. Karp and President Zelenskyy discussed how Palantir can continue to use its technology to support Ukraine. With geopolitical tensions rising all over the world, enhancing security and protecting democratic institutions has never been more important," Palantir told Bloomberg in a statement.

The negative light shown towards Palantir in the first sentence shows you how much this person doesn't want to acknowledge that Palantir actually might be doing the most important thing in the world right now.

When they right, "it's not entirely clear," the author is trying to insulate that Palantir is some secret firm and we have no idea what they are doing in Ukraine.

It's pretty clear to me: they are helping. They are one of the only software companies that are offering the full capacity of their services to a country that desperately needs it. Yes, we don't know specifically how their software is helping (because we can't know that confidential information), but to cast skepticism over their role is silly.

If the author actually knew what Gotham was, how Palantir has been used by various governmental agencies across the world, why the UK, Lithuania, Poland, and others picked Palantir to run the data system around the Ukrainian refugee crisis - maybe they would have a better sense of why Palantir is working with Ukraine.

But then again, they probably don't know a single thing about the company.

Haters gon hate.

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