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Why Is Cathie Wood Back in Palantir?

Renowned investor Cathie Wood, head of Ark Investment Management, has shown renewed faith in artificial intelligence company Palantir, purchasing more than 1.2 million shares. This move comes a week after the investment firm had bought 4.3 million shares of the same company, indicating Ark's conviction on the stock.

A historical deep-dive reveals that Ark has had a rollercoaster relationship with Palantir. In February 2022, the investment firm offloaded 37 million shares, taking a staggering $400 million loss, as their belief in Palantir’s growth potential faltered due to its slow commercial scaling. This time, however, Ark's decision seems to be underpinned by Palantir's path to profitability, its potential inclusion in the S&P 500, and an exponential surge in demand for AI platforms.

In the AI sector, Palantir appears to be amongst a select few companies poised to take full advantage of the burgeoning demand. Having initially sold Palantir at an average price of around $12 when the cost basis was roughly $22, Ark's recent purchase signifies a shift in its sentiment.

Wood's investment firm has also added Palantir to a third ETF, the Ark Fintech Innovation ETF (ARKF), marking the firm’s growing interest in the company. Before selling its holdings in 2022, Palantir was among the only two stocks featured across all six of Ark's ETFs, the other being Unity Software. This was based on the belief that Palantir had a role to play in every sector of the economy.

Breaking down the recent purchase, the ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK) bought 912,000 shares, the ARK Next Generation Internet ETF (ARKW) bought 149,000 shares, and the ARKF bought 201,697 shares. Simultaneously, Ark has been selling off Shopify, possibly to funnel funds into Palantir, which it perceives as more undervalued.

Interestingly, Wood’s renewed interest in Palantir seems to coincide with the company’s recent announcement of becoming GAAP profitable. Furthermore, the firm's entry into the S&P 500 appears imminent. The fact that demand for AI platforms has exponentially risen, further solidifies Palantir’s promising position.

Ark's research team seems to view Palantir as a pivotal player in the AI domain. Ark has also stated that AI could potentially create $80 trillion of value, pointing to its disruptive potential. The investment firm's turnabout seems to be propelled by a recognition of the growing value and productivity enhancements AI is likely to bring about.

Despite the unexpected offloading of Palantir stocks in February 2022, Ark's recent buy-back reflects its strategic investment decisions. Their timing in buying back Palantir shares appears well-calculated given the company's recent GAAP profitability and steady growth trajectory.

In conclusion, Cathie Wood's Ark has shown an emphatic return to Palantir, predicting the stock to be a strong player in the AI-driven future of business. The coming weeks are expected to see Ark continuing to build its position in Palantir, sending a strong signal to other investors about the company's growth prospects.

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