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Why The European Cricket Network Is Using Palantir

The European Cricket Network is part of the inaugural class of Foundry for Builders, Palantir's initiative to find interesting startups and allow them to leverage the Foundry Platform to build their businesses on top of.

From their website,

"Founded in 2019, the European Cricket Network (ECN) is the digital home of cricket in Europe.

The ECN is focused on growing the sport by developing great events, while using cutting edge technology to create entertainment, promotion and digital fan engagement of cricket being played all over Europe, then taking it to a global audience via ECN media partners.

The ECN produces live, TV quality broadcasts of the following three marquee events throughout the year."

ECN is a full fledged media company covering cricket in Europe.

Now, I am Indian. Which means I feel like I have an obligation to love this sport because it is treasure in my home country. However, I just never got into the sport. I ended up falling in love with basketball instead, quit the debate team freshman year of highschool to go become the next LeBron James, realized I wasn't getting taller than 5' went back to becoming a nerd and joining the debate team sophomore year.

At least I started freshman JV point guard...even though we went 2-15 during the season!

As a result of getting into basketball, I honestly never knew how big cricket was as a sport. In turns out, it's massive. Billions of dollars flow into the sport, kids dream about being cricket stars, and global audiences are captured by it.

ECN & Palantir

ECN plans to use Foundry's Platform to leverage their operations at new speeds.

From their press release,

“We’re excited to access technology previously reserved for the most established and leading organizations,” said European Cricket Network Founder Daniel Weston.

ECN is committed to using data to enhance their digital media company, and to promote and grow cricket across Europe. “We can use Palantir Foundry to ask the right questions of the data, with the best interface and integration tools combined, all in the one place.”

The Palantir Foundry platform transforms the way organizations run by creating a central operating system for their data that is designed to scale with increasing complexity, meaning it will be able to support these companies as they grow while powering data-driven decision making from the outset."

Why This Interests Me

Many of the Foundry For Builders companies are doing incredibly complex things that require the use of data.

Some are trying to solve problems in the legal industry, some trying to transform Medicare plan recommendations, and some changing how supply chains function.

ECN is a rather simple company - they create media about a certain topic. The simplicity of ECN being a part of Foundry For Builders actually had me really excited.

For many people, Palantir is a company that is hard to understand. And companies that use Palantir also have a hard time communicating why they even use the software.

ECN is a simple company that is using Palantir for a simple purpose - see their data in one place and figure out how to make sense of it to generate more business intelligence.

It showed me again that simple companies that are not trying to go into outer space and colonize a different galaxy can benefit off of Palantir. ECN had been executing for a while now which is why they caught the attention of Palantir to become 1 of only 10 companies included in the Foundry for Builders inaugural cohort.

More companies using Palantir, regardless of how complicated or simple their businesses are, the more use cases Palantir can offer the world for their technology.

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