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It's time for the Palantir Community to have our own dedicated website.

Hey there! My name is Amit. I've been deeply researching Palantir and am fascinated by the mission, growth potential, technology, leadership, and so much more. I started making youtube videos about the company in November 2021, and 4 months later realized that the community is missing a vital resource: an actual website with real time updates and analysis around Palantir.

Some of the best companies have strong communities and followings around their stocks. Most DD around a company is now being done via social media - reddit, discord, twitter - all contribute to the enhanced sharing of information that was once reserved only for institutions to have access to.

The only problem with sharing information via platforms is that those platforms also have a lot of other content. YouTube is filled with videos, many being overhyped sensationalized videos. Reddit can get...really toxic. And discords is more chat-messaging communication to keep up with your community.

Tesla has various blogs dedicated to it - the biggest being teslarati. And the goal of that website is to give the strongest analysis and real-time updates around Tesla so shareholders and potential shareholders can understand their investment thesis on the day to day movements of the company and the stock.

I believe it is time for the Palantir community to have many of those blogs, and hopefully dailypalantir will be a staple of the community for years to come and to begin the trend.

Get In Touch

If you've got tips, questions, ideas - anything for how to make a success and a staple of the community - please don't hesitate to reach out. Looking to feature guest contributors who also want to get their analysis about Palantir out there and if you think this website can be a good way to express your thoughts - please reach out as well!

Thanks for reading this article. If you'd like to get in contact, please @ me on twitter here or email me at